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When is the Easter egg hunt at Wibaux Park and what time??
Thank you so much! I talked to Mila eariler today. We are very excited to start in September!
Are there any Gymnastics or tumble classes or cheerleading for little girls (5 yeasrs old) in MC? I tried looking but couldn't find anything. Thank you for your help.
^DITTO^ I will never see her again either.
When do they have the MMA fights? Where? Details please!!
Great! My kids are 4 years and 11 months. We should start something for all the stay at home moms! Anyone else interested feel free to respond.
Just moved to the area! Are there any stay at home mom groups around? Or activites for children done daily? Thanks!
Can we still sign up? If so how can we? My daughter is almost 5. Thanks!
Where to you go to get the deer elk permit application? Thanks.
Thank you so much for that info. Her birthday is in fall (October 1). We will be arriving in Miles City in a few weeks. She seems very ready to start school but looks like she may have to be a little + 30 more characters
I am relocating to the area and am coming up with two dates, Sept. 10th or Dec 2nd via the internet. Which is it? Thank you for your help.
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