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I have had that happen for the past 2 weekends. Glad to hear it is happening all over and not just at my house! I was getting worried about my wiring. It only happens on the weekends though. Wierd.
Hope you find her! Keep us posted.
No vested intrest here. I have no connection with any of the restaurants in MC. Iron Horse is the only one I have been disappointed in.
I bought my Kirby 13 yrs ago from a well groomed gentleman in a suit. He did not ploy me with kleenex or paper towels. I guess now days they have seriously lowered the bar for their salesmen, but thei + 254 more characters
Ok people. Back to the point. Regardless of who you are, it is LAW that you carry insurance on the car you drive. I had a problem paying for my auto insurance. Even though I was supposed to be getting + 434 more characters
I have eaten at the Montana Grill several times and the food is very good and reasonable. The sirloin steak is awesome! Plenty of side options. I HIGHLY recommend! I have also eaten at the Iron Horse + 91 more characters
Those guys pissed me off last year. The same guy knocked on my door 3 different days. The first 2 times I told him I had a Kirby and was not interested in a new one. The 3rd time I told him if he show + 109 more characters
Glenn, I agree with you. Probably a bunch of teenage punks out for a thrill, not really money. It is a shame that trying to protect your property would probably end up with you in jail yourself or bei + 313 more characters
Love this! Thanks for posting. It is nice to see the light side of life on here!!
My daughter is renting a house that is a 'no pet' rental. And yet it reeks of pet urine. She has rented a carpet cleaner to try to eleviate the smell with no luck she has treated the areas she has loc + 358 more characters
I do know thay Sonic will be coming to Billings. I hope Miles City is a destination also. The one in Rapid City is AWESOME!!!
Would like to see: 1) Shoe store (Walmart sucks and Red Rock is tooo expensive!) 2) Buffet Resteraunt (like Golden Corral) 3) a real Dollar Store! 4) Hardees of KFC!! 5) office supply/electronics stor + 135 more characters
Well said bh!!!
Agreeing with K.D. Not everyone who uses the fishing access sites are abusing/misusing them. Don't let the wrongs of a few bring down everyone!
Just for clarification, our intent at Valley Drive was not to offend. It is simply an invitation to join us in celebrating the ultmate sacrifice of God. For those offended by the 'admit you are a sinn + 805 more characters
I have not been able to actually visit the Iron Horse but have had several chances to experience the food thru catered events. Everything I have had from there has been wonderful. Hope to go there in + 48 more characters
Nothing non-christian about speaking the truth. I have seen others use much harsher language.
This sounds AWESOME!! Can't wait to try it! I live by the moto: Bacon is meat candy
Gunner, you are a butt head.
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Nutella on graham crackers works for me, as well as coffee and a good book!
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