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To handle yourself, use your head; To handle others, use your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt
Not sure... (here I am holding my breath before I say what I should not say) Is he Dr. Rauh??? ok - now we (I) have no shame.
OJ - the glove didn't fit, they must aquit MJ - also wears a glove Coincidence????
I'm conflicted. Musically, he offered much enjoyment. But... He was raised in dysfunction and then became it. There may be reasons for why he was a child molester, but reasons are not excuses. I do no + 282 more characters
Dang I'm hungry! I haven't had homemade clam chowder in ages!
The Ray Lundby I knew worked for Dept of State Lands.
Keith Wittenhagen Ray Lundby
Now you're trying to stop a train that has already left the station.
I am tickled pink for me, but unlike some people, I worry about others. My daughter is only the beginning. When she ages out of my insurance, she's screwed. A friend of mine can't afford to see her d + 435 more characters
Our family currently pays around $5000 a year in insurance. My employer pays an additional $10,000. On top of that we pay around $8000 in costs that insurance doesn't cover. Use that money, close tax + 237 more characters
As others have tried to say, those who can pay are already subsidizing those who can't in the form of highet premiums, higher costs, and more expensive care (as opposed to preventive care). it's just + 7 more characters
Stone, I know, Max is a political animal. He'll wait to see which way the momentum is moving and then "lead" the way there. I am pretty sure that if something doesn't happen now, it will be another 8- + 432 more characters
How many have written to Baucus about what you want? I wrote that I want real reform with a meaningful public option available to all. I suggest you make your voices heard. (not you Kyle) Kass
"It's Your Ship" Michael Abrashoff It's a management/leadership book, probably the most readable of any I've found so far.
It is a little daunting to think about the cost of meaningful changes to the system. Currently our family spends 11% of our Gross income on healthcare - insurance and non-covered costs. We forego a lo + 685 more characters
Wendy, We do have some years left. But without something changing, the same dilemna will still exist. And for those in the same circumstance that are older, there is no time to wait. I know other peop + 59 more characters
We are the only developed capitalist country in the world that does not ensure that health care is available for all. I say that because I'm not an economist, but it's obviously a possibility. My daug + 959 more characters
Not quite the civil discourse I was hoping for - but, sure. I am not happy with the direction (or lack thereof) that Baucus is heading on this. I think he's giving in to the insurance companies. He su + 383 more characters
Jim, I don't take anything personally. I just wanted to explain a little why I am passionate about the issue. A serious discussion is needed and that is what I hoped to start. If you agree that there + 120 more characters
I guess for me this is such a personal issue. When our daughter was 8 weeks old and the prospect of an immediate need for a liver transplant was being discussed, our insurance would only pay up to $10 + 845 more characters
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