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Ron Wilkinson. He does excellent work.
OMG! That was hilarious!
There was an obituary in the Miles City Star a while back. This is being put on by her mother and the folks at the Trails Inn.
I moved here from California years ago and it still irritates me the way people around here say "bag". It is not a long "a" sound people.
I guess I just figured if it was a gas leak that MDU or someone would be there, not the government.
Good one Dave. I just heard that there is some kind of chemical/explosive and that they had to evacuate everyone last night.
Does anyone know what's going on at the apartment building next to Short Stop? The ambulance and fire truck have been over there since yesterday afternoon and now there are a bunch of government vehic + 54 more characters
Love that link, thanks. Had to reread The Raven. It had been awhile.
Several months ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My neurologist did some blood work and found that my vitamin D levels were very low; almost nonexistant. I did some research on vitamin D an + 308 more characters
I wonder if this is the same police officer who rear ended my daughter and her friends on main street. Fine piece of work that one.
See You on the Other Side - Ozzy
Pretty sure she meant the same king and queen for both prom and homecoming. As in two people. Not just one person.
Sorry....my bad.
There are 2 things being built in that area. The back-up center is next to Pine Hills School and set back off of the road a little ways. The small building next to Wendy's (where the fireworks stand/c + 58 more characters
Cellular One store (Verizon)
County Market is getting turned into a couple retail spaces and some office spaces. From what I heard at least one of the retail spaces is already spoken for and one or two of the office spaces too.
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