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yas, this is something that I will have to learn from. And thank you all for being supportive. First things fist who cares if I spell something wrong lol god I wish people would shut up. And josh your + 856 more characters
Yes I understand we should have locked our doors but come on shit happens. That does not make it right for people to get into other peoples car's, get a damn job and get your own crap. I can always ge + 537 more characters
Officer Loomis is a doll and tried the best he could. All we can do is keep checking pawn shops and keep looking MC is small I'm sure something will come up. And you know what Josh I honestly Could ca + 185 more characters
Really I'm asking for some punk kid to get in my car I don't think so what the heck happened to the days where you did not have to stress about leaving your car unlocked. And I think your a moron but + 78 more characters
I'm trying to stay calm when I post this but needless to say I'm pissed. My Boyfriend and I were at the Trails Last night for a few hours and we left are car parked in the back, going out occasionally + 945 more characters
The person who got shot was a friend of mine named hazel ricketts. she was shot three times by her ex husband. she died, and her funeral is on january 13, 2010...............
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