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miles, Are you saying you've never committed any type of Sodomy in any form?
Well very late, but my last BN Commander was from Hardin, LTC Heath.
What happened?
Gunnar, The Eagles didn't beat them twice the Giants won the first game and the Eagles won the second. The team that beat them twice was the Skins.
Brian, I'm a homer so I'll say the 1994 team.
It doesn't just do it for China to Taiwan. Type in San Francisco to Honolulu, HI and check out step 15.
One of my favorite sport quotes:
ok, so who won?
GM, Those are all over Missouri.
The military has been going through massive cuts while still deplooyed in two countries.
Mrs. Annalora was probably the most inspiring teacher I had in school and one I credit to any current success I have. Some day I'd like to run into her again and tell her.
Actually come to think of it, I think it was Whitefish. I recall me and my friends went and there were hardly any fans at the game because it was so cold.
I was at that cold weather game. I was in Elementary School at the time. I thought we lost, are you sure about that Brian?
Kacey, Court Marial? Really? A little strong don't you think? I would not be surprised though if he is asked to step down.
Yes, they are, but it was easy to tell from his tone that it was all in his comedic writing style.
The Mortar guys I had, had the tube also, but I think thats why he had the actual pictures of his. That was hilarious. Also, he realizes what the guy is doing that and he explains that in the caption.
As a Giants fan, I'm mad you guys didn't trade him out of the NFC East. What kind of a team trades him to a division rival?
Sadly, I don't know that they are different then a lot of famous men. Our own founding fathers had personal issues they just didn't have CNN, Fox news and every celebrity rag covering it.
Your right, I don't watch it. I'm not sure how that disqualifies from asking the question. I didn't realize there was anything wrong with dancing.
Crash, Great Americans can't dance?
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