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Its a joke!!!! When the drug couselor or what ever the hell she is buddy's up to her clients and hangs out with them, I think that is a conflict of interest!
This is so stupid, these statues never bothered anyone up until this point... lets just erase history and rewrite it the way liberals think it should be.......SERIOUSLY!!! Does removing them really ch + 14 more characters
I have the obituary, just wanting to know who this is before giving out information on my brother. I would just please ask you amorette to let me find out who this is before sharing any info, especial + 123 more characters
Patrick is my brother, how are we related? Who are you parents? I cant think of any Amber that we are related to other than my niece. [Edited by Carol H (7/22/2017 7:49:42 PM)]
arguing with you guys is like banging your head against a wall, you have your opinion and for most of you on here it is the only opinion so if you dont like what I say dont read it!
yeah you are right, we would be way better off with a liar or a socialist.
oh and we have such a great selection to choose from on the democrat side!!!
Man you guys are pathetic, if someone doesnt see it your way then you name call and are just out right JERKS. What makes you all think your opinion is the right one. What ever happened to having a fri + 325 more characters
Truck you certainly got that right, either you agree with these people or they resort to name calling. That is the reason I hardly ever post on here, no one ever wants to hear an opinion that differs + 71 more characters
"Facts don't lie, but I'm calling bullpoop on that 97% number. God you're a moran..." HOW DISRESPECTFUL!!!! Whether you agree with what he has to say or not, this is someone who fought for our right + 339 more characters
Hillary isnt nuts??? Nope, just a liar!
And Hillary is the poster child for honesty?????
You people are pathetic, stop tearing people down on this forum, like was said earlier, go vote for who you want in as mayor and grow up!
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my daughter recently moved from MC and sent her kitty to her grandmothers farm until she could get moved and he is missing from the farm. The farm is 46 miles towards Jordan but it isn't unusual for a + 883 more characters
again, you resort to name calling.... how mature!!!
"But he hates all those wetbacks, as every true Republican does. Bob, I fail to see your point." Lets see here, you seem to be a liberal democrat, but you will use a derogatory slang term to refer to + 308 more characters
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