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"America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people." "I believe a marriage is between a man and a woman." -George W. Bush
Mr. Brandt, I have a question. Why does Mr. Dyba feel the need to criticize your website when he may be the one in need of some education? Indeed, Mr. Dyba, YOUR is not the same as YOU'RE YOU'RE is t + 55 more characters
Actual Factual - John Alexander Wayne, Jr. It's laughable that you think no one else on Earth could be named John Wayne. I have to live with the fact that John Wayne of Hollywood fame was a liberal + 287 more characters
Chuck (Smoker), While peeing on the floor of a bar may be something you are fimiliar with, I don't have any reason to take my kids to a casino/bar to pee, or slap anyone. I do have a reason to support + 994 more characters
There was a 6 o'clock news story about Mr. Felt and his nickname. A reporter was interviewing random people on the streets of Houston, Texas and 9 out of 10 had no idea that, "Deep throat" had anythin + 264 more characters
Richard, Psalm 104:15, not 104:4
Where does government intrusion end? Where does anything end? When the NEED for an entity such as Government comes to an end, then the entity known as Government will come to an end. No Government, no + 1132 more characters
You think this country is a free country? Not in every sense of the word, "Free." There are MANY behaviors that any one of us are not allowed to freely exhibit in public for the simple reason that th + 715 more characters
AND ANOTHER THING. While most states have adopted mandatory motorcycle helmet laws and seatbelt laws, smokers are allowed to carelessly squander their health with every puff. Is our Government too in + 1755 more characters
Smokers may have rights, but so do those who desire not to breathe tobacco smoke. The problem between smokers and those who don't want to breathe tobacco smoke is the origination of the smoke, or the + 442 more characters
Ah, yes. Death to Smokies.
Just what is inside the Sawyers store that is of any value?
Mr. John Wayne of the big screen was, in fact, a Democrat. I am sure if he were alive today he would be Governor of California.
Dona, After reading your post I could only think of one thing. It is a fact that voters, in large numbers, disagree with you.
I have seen cabinet photo cards of Curley.
I have an email address for one of William Sellew's living descendants. She has letters written by Sellew that mention Vic Smith, AKA "Yellowstone" Vic Smith, AKA "Sunda" Smith who was a buffalo hunte + 357 more characters
Many times local, regional, and federal authorities vascillate in a circle over who is going to lead the investigation and ultimately get credit for the bust. From what I understand about this case, t + 222 more characters
What a crock. The biggest bonehead idea in the last 50 years? I hardly think so. Whine on. Read Richard Gordon's essay
GREAT! I would love to sponsor your car.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IT'S = IT IS and ITS is not IT IS _______________________________ A DUEL is a contest with weapons. DUAL has several meanings, but is primarily defined as: consisting of or inv + 138 more characters
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