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Jerry, nobody's attacking Melania. Have you not watched their interactions? As for the troops, you may want to do a little fact checking.
Peace protests? Jerry, they beat a police officer to death. They were on tape beating another officer with an American flag. They were chanting "Hang Mike Pence" the Vice President. What is wrong with + 55 more characters
Jerry, Speaking of senile, are you too stupid to read the subject line?
The little bit of fun. Number of days before Melania files for divorce and/or moves to New York. 14 days is my guess.
Jerry, the troops weren't there for an election. They were there to insure a peaceful transfer of power after the tRump instigated insurrection. Now, as for the call of communism and socialism, please + 231 more characters
Other than the fact that the jobs are temporary and the disregard for the waterways ,aquifers and lands the pipeline crosses, it has not been mentioned the reason for this pipeline is to export Canadi + 234 more characters
Jerry, thank you for agreeing with Richard. It appears you have finally realized what agent Orange is.
It was so refreshing. A feeling of relief.
I agree with you Hanson. The example of this guy tasering himself in the nuts is just one example of the Morons that follow and believe all of the BS tRump spews.
C'mon Jerry, you can do better than that.
Well, being a visual learner, I haven't stopped laughing since I read about this moron. I would like to start a go fund me site to help buy Jerry a taser of his own.
Gunnar, do you really think that anyone in Orange dick taters circle has the brass marbles to do that?
Good morning all. I hate to admit it but I have to give up arguing with the tRump cult members, not only here but in my personal life. For some unknown reason or reasons they believe he is right even + 220 more characters
Don't have a clue about the scoring rack but I do remember the great cigars. Used to go to Grant's for Boy scouts in the basement. Get out of Scouts and pick up a cigar on the way out.
Jerry, I am so sorry you missed the sarcasm of my message. I see Gunnar got it, probably as well as most others did.
Okay Jerry, you have convinced me of the credibility of all information put out on YouTube. I concede this only after watching the video of Big Foot, aka Daryl and the recent video of an older but liv + 38 more characters
Jerry, please let those of us that are so unenlightened know where you are getting your information. I, for one, would like to see and read or view all of the evidence you have on tRump and President + 211 more characters
Jerry, why would you want to be convicted?
Thank you for the compliment Gunnar. I don't mean to be so gentle but I too wonder what makes the wingnuts tick. You can tell by Jerry's posts that he is the quintessential tRump follower. As tRump wo + 33 more characters
Show us the proof Jerry. tRumps lawyers couldn't even do that. So please present the proof you have. PLEASE!!!!
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