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I loved Charlie and Lida. When I was a kid we spent a lot of time at the second hand store and at their house. They had the best selection of used comic books. I don't know how many of you remember th + 71 more characters
I was raised Republican and voted Republican when I was old enough. I didn't always agree with their policies and as fairly faithful Democrat, I don't necessarily go along blindly with all Democratic + 694 more characters
Well, it appears as though we have someone that has taken up Jerry's idiocy. The difference is that he uses his Bible and faux Christianity to insult. I wonder how he missed the part about Love thy ne + 8 more characters
At this point, all I can say is study the facts, read the science and you will understand the masks. I am not sure if people are lazy or just too stupid to continue to wear masks. I feel much safer af + 190 more characters
That's disappointing. I was really hoping to be able to communicate with Bill Gates through the chip. The $1400.00 wasn't enough to develop my own space laser, so I was hoping to get Bill to invest wi + 116 more characters
Folks I am really going to try to quit responding to Jerry's posts. I get way to upset and frustrated with his conspiracy theories and blind loyalty to a party that couldn't care less about him unless + 213 more characters
Yes Jerry, I will comment on my imagination. I would like to imagine a world where there is no racism, no hatred of people because they have a different color skin, people that are accepted no matter + 188 more characters
Jerry, you need to get over the election that your Golden Idol lost. This post had nothing to do with President Biden or the Orange Mennace. You seem to be awful obsessed with gender identity and othe + 183 more characters
Jerry, please explain the relationship between the XL pipeline and the load on electricity. Please also explain to us how President Biden is running us into the ground. As always, please use verifiabl + 8 more characters
I kind of have to laugh at the Republican party that so loves tRump. He has sent a cease & desist letter to force them to quit using his name and likeness for their party benefit. Wonder what he think + 101 more characters
Jerry, I hate to be off subject again but I am curiou; why are you so concerned with Canadian oil that will not benefit our energy needs? You do realize that we became oil independent under Obama, don + 7 more characters
Jerry, I did not follow Obama blindly. If he did something I didn't agree with I acknowledged it. Not everything he did was perfect but he was able to move on and take the blame if it was his fault. H + 248 more characters
It absolutely amazes me. There were people in another thread that were highly incensed by the word retard, a word that offends me, but still we get some calling others libtard. Please explain the diff + 236 more characters
I have been searching for the Orange Mennaces inauguration but can't find it anywhere. Watching the news and he is cashing in on the Q people though. Rates at his Washington hotel are tripled tonight + 57 more characters
Gunnar, I guess I will agree with you at this point and tap out. I am getting tired of arguing with conspiracy theories and misinformation. I have always been open to listening to a reasonable argumen + 65 more characters
Jerry, to answer your question, no they did not clear him, tRump, of instigating the insurgents. I had not heard anything about Biden giving Iran billions since taking office. Please direct us all to + 231 more characters
Finally, one of tRumps brain dead followers admits he lost. Jerry doesn't see the irony though of the Golden Calf in the Bible vs. the Golden statue at CPAC in relation to the Evangelicals and tRump t + 419 more characters
I just want to know how the evangelicals feel about the Golden Calf at CPAC.There are at least 100 verses in the Bible that address worshiping a false God. I hope people see the relationship here. Hav + 104 more characters
Gunnar and Ammorette, I have begun to realize you can't reason with the unreasonable. That is why I have refrained from responding to Jerry recently. He does not know the difference between Fascism, c + 199 more characters
Jerry, nobody's attacking Melania. Have you not watched their interactions? As for the troops, you may want to do a little fact checking.
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