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Webmaster I don't know who scoterdog is but aren't we supposed to keep it civil?
Okay, I have worked really hard at not responding to Mr. Shipley's posts but with all of his name calling and accusations, I feel I have to. Rob, Please provide proof of your accusations of insanity o + 370 more characters
They were one and the same. Leotta also used to sit on Main and monitor the kids dragging Main. Thank God those were days before cell phones. You could get away before she got to the police station to + 12 more characters
I am old enough to remember Dr. Sadie. as a matter of fact she was my doctor sometimes when I was a child. Dr. Sadie was available 24/7. I do know all the stories about her. As has been stated, she pr + 655 more characters
Gunner, I have to agree with you. Fact checking during speech would be great. Then his followers would have to see it too. I would like to watch but my wife hates his voice so much I am not sure I wil + 56 more characters
Sorry Snowy, you got a couple of things wrong. Tester did not beat Max. Max retired as a senator and went on to become an ambassador to, I think China. Rosendale did not have some tech thing. It was G + 148 more characters
Never again. Tried them once and it was the worst service I ever endured. My internet was down and they scheduled me a week later because they didn't have anybody available to perform the service call + 130 more characters
As I sit here and contemplate what to write, I wonder how people can follow Donald Trump so blindly. Do they not understand circular logic? Just because you here yourself talking, like the Donald does + 940 more characters
Snowy, I don't think you got the gist of what was said. I don't believe there is a progressive here that has a problem with assisting a person that was supported by a social safety program due to a fa + 547 more characters
Snowy, glad to hear that it is just a matter of switching crops to make a living in Ag. I do believe that it is a bit harder than that. Not all land is suited for other types of operations, not all Ag + 203 more characters
But, but Gunnar, at least we will have enough money to have a Military parade up Pennsylvania Avenue. We won't have to take care of the elderly the handicapped or the poor. The debt will only raise by + 374 more characters
Mr. Shipley, you should maybe go back and check your history, dates and reasons for the wars you mentioned
I remember Montie Montana coming to Miles City in about 1961, maybe 62 to perform at the schools. I was in the 2nd grade I think. Man we were excited. Here was a real star and he was performing for us + 1 more characters
You could be right Gunnar. look at him standing there next to Grandpa Munster.
Well Tucker, It appears Steve Brannon and Roy Moore have saved you a trip down Main street. Lol
Thank you Bixby. I don't believe Rob will quit until the Webmaster bans him again. Be careful as you will probably get a profane e-mail now, as I will probably again. He has sent 2 that are quite vulg + 485 more characters
Mr. Shipley, what about the vulgar email you sent privately to me?
Oops forgot to cite the above article came from the Billings Gazette. Not sure of date.
Wow, Mr. Shipley is on a roll. I kind of question his true belief in the bible when he begins to call people faggots and maggots etc. Is this truly the Christian way to act? 2000% is still not a thing + 4034 more characters
Mr. Shipley, I am also a person of faith but, when I do end up in a rest home, I will depend on govt benefits as I have never seen a check written by God.
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