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Superman wears Chuck Norris PJ's
My husband was driving along the interstate between the Baker and Broadus interchanges the last three days and said he saw the same dog each time -Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, between 3 and 4pm each + 461 more characters
I thought it was awesome! Thanks so much for all of your hard work in organizing it - the music was great, something a little different than what we see at BHS and Fair concerts, and with a fun outdoo + 310 more characters
Max - Great offer - I'd like to help, too! I sent you an email. Thanks! Erin Niedge
Slosh, Caleb, I've have never played folf, but have heard that it can be fun. I have played ulimate before, but just like you slosh, I am no longer in "ultimate" shape. If you guys get something going + 43 more characters
London Fletcher? Didn't he play middle linebacker for the rams that year?
I also thought it was about time for Jim Rice to get in. As a Red Sox fan it is very cool. I wonder why it took so long? If you look over a ten year span of his career he ranked first in three major o + 43 more characters
I'm sure the truck driver didn't see the "marked" truck route therefore thinking that when he reached the underpass he would be able to fit, since he thought he was on the truck route. We haul a lot + 1115 more characters
Mr. Partridge was a great coach. It was amazing how, when he was correcting something you did wrong, you just wanted to bury your head, but at the same time, make sure he didn't see you laughing. I he + 109 more characters
I'm not suprised but I didn't realize that Justin Venn was the third all time rusher. Slosh do you know how many yards he had in 2000?
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