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I posted this in the entertainment forum, but thought I'd do so here, too. The Chorale choir members will be holding their annual madrigal dinner at Park Place on Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, D + 350 more characters
The Chorale choir members will be holding their annual madrigal dinner at Park Place on Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 1st. If you would like tickets, please text me at 853-2188 or respon + 369 more characters
Thank you, David. At first I was thinking, "No way am I doing internet piano lessons," but then I looked at the site and watched his sample videos and realized that this is probably the perfect soluti + 140 more characters
I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the classifieds, but in any case, I'm looking for a piano teacher (preferably one who also does voice) for 6 kids. I know it's a long shot, but we're losi + 140 more characters
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Please help support the MCYSA! Raffle tickets are $2 each ($20/book of 10) and the raffle includes some great prizes with more to be added before the drawing date. Here's a list of current prizes: Del + 595 more characters
Please, no.
homesweet - I doubt you'll get much interest in such a petition here, but we use this to filter the fluoride out of our city water. If you google "Berkley filters," you'll find that they have very goo + 77 more characters
I *loved* Imitation Game! A great film and an incredible snippet of history I previously knew nothing about. Go see it!
Hello friends! The high school chorale is selling raffle tickets for four beef bundles to help fund their choir trip to Seattle. Tickets are $5 each and winners will be drawn on April 1. Please let me + 243 more characters
Is there anyone in Miles City who does furniture reupholstering? I guess Blue Grass isn't doing it anymore (other than small wooden pieces) and the only other option I know of is Prairie Unique in Ter + 171 more characters
Ticket orders need to be turned in tomorrow. Any takers?
If you'd like tickets to the CCDHS Chorale's madrigal dinner, please let me know. Tickets are $25 and include dinner, hilarious antics and wonderful music. You have your choice of December 1 or 2 at + 70 more characters
If you're talking about Big Sky carwash on Haynes, the guy who runs the place (and I assumed was the owner) yelled at me about that very thing.
Such a beautiful building before they slapped that brown monstrosity on the front of it.
Thank you for moving them to Saturdays! We have a couple that will be there!
You can count on our family's help and what donation we can muster. My husband skates and my son has been pining away for a skatepark for a couple of years now.
You can get them at the post office or walmart. I can't recall the price at the post office but they're $7.95 at walmart.
Thanks, all!
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