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Many of us fondly remember Grant's, except for our ladies, but who remembers when they moved the billiard table that sat up towards the front and built a large slot car track up front. I have wondered + 115 more characters
So sorry to hear of Marks passing. My dad managed Miles City Motors before Mark purchased it from J.P. Johnson and my dad, Ed Uden, actually designed the new dealership on east Main St. But dad passed + 267 more characters
Try a new used car lot for Delux Mtrs.
I must vent. In 1988 when I retired from the police dept. I left my large foreign police badge and uniform hat collection with the dept. to continue displaying it for the public to see. If they ever c + 340 more characters
I find it interesting that MCFRmedic does not disclose his or her name nor do they clarify the post by gypsykim relating to that persons assumption that these fees will only occur on responses out of + 588 more characters
Thank you Joe and David I now have the ability to argue this before the council and hopefully get this reversed And it was rushed through for a vote before it could be considered by the public safety + 28 more characters
This is just the fire dept. billing for these services not the police dept. The FD wants an additional source of money to help pay for anew fire truck and ambulances. And in checking with our insuranc + 412 more characters
That is so special MC and I love the retro WW 2 uniforms.
I seldom post here however I would like my observations noted. You all have valid points but I feel that we should all look back in history. Not all of our President were liked by everyone but they we + 1074 more characters
In 64 and 65 we use to go out there once in a while and it seemed like the more beer you drank the more fun it was. Then we use to jump off a cliff that was, or so it seemed, about 20 feet above the d + 285 more characters
MEA-MFT stands for Montana Education Association - Montana Federation of Teachers. This union also represents State Probation and Parole Officers.
As most of you Know I seldom post/comment as I prefer to review and learn from all however there are two relatively clean energy sources that have not been mentioned, hydro electric and nuclear but as + 472 more characters
TV repair 8 years ago
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Does anyone in Miles City do television repair anymore?
P.S. Please forgive a few errors is spelling in my previous post. All of my fingertips are numb from an upper spinal injury and typing on my IPad is at best. None the less I hope you all g + 89 more characters
I don't post very often so this will be my only response on this issue. I feel that the primary purpose of naming a facility or geographical location after specific individuals or groups pf individual + 2825 more characters
I never had this teacher as he came well after my time at CCDHS however from listening to various students it sounds as if Mr. Letke had a tremendous passion for history. Even though he would get off + 191 more characters
With the authorization of the Miles City Youth Hockey Association I am starting to put together the history of organized youth hockey in Miles City from it's inception through the current Miles City G + 649 more characters
Evening MJ -- Just wanted to make sure you folks have our address. Hope this gets to you. Here goes: John Uden - class of 65 and Sherry Uden (Norton) - class of 64 P.O. Box 151, Miles City, MT 593 + 226 more characters
Good evening Amorette. I truly appreciate your similar observations relative to those of us in Eastern Montana being the forgotten few. I have always enjoyed your journalistic talents and articles in + 330 more characters
I reference the Miles City Star January 5. On page 2 the headline article reads "Economic Outlook Seminar heads to nine Montana communities." The seminar is co-sponsored by The University of Montana-M + 790 more characters
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