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I did search google, my problem is the terminology. I'm trying to create custom tabs for a Faebook page, so one tab will show National stuff, one for fundraising, etc. but to do this it's as I have to + 290 more characters
Also having a Facebook page/app issue, would love some help. I'm setting up a page for a non-profit I volunteer for. I have a Facebook developer account. I am trying to utilize iFrames, and create cus + 392 more characters
It rarely boots long enough to do so, but when it did it only worked in safe mode (without networking) for a short while. Tim put a new card in this for me last year and it worked great, but when the + 294 more characters
Thought I should clarify... No Tim, the one you put in was great, but then it stopped working last week & a guy out of Billigs replaced the one you put in. His is the one that isn't working. But I had + 168 more characters
I have an older desktop computer, and my son pulled the monitor connection out of the back of the tower. I had a person "fix" this for me by installing a different port/card. Before this the computer + 885 more characters
Bump. Tim, thanks so much, if it's okay with you I'll probably use you as my go to person, and contact you with the jobs I know I can't do if you want them.
Visit freelancer.com or mturk.com. Freelancer will let you post jobs specific to this (ie. Need 5,000 facebook likes), and will let freelancers bid on your job. There are a lot of freelancers on it wh + 282 more characters
I am experienced selling items on Ebay. Let me know if you still have items to get rid of.
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