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Have you called any of the bars yet? I would even try the police station to see if anything was turned in. I hope you find them!
This is a hard one! We were searching all day today and yesterday!
What a GREAT story.
My t9 likes to take over sometimes. "straight"
They've put on two. Get your facts strait. :-)
Well if she has herpes that's her own damn fault. She sure as hell didn't get it from the gym.
Smiley, who are you to judge this gym without ever going. Just because you hate a certain person that goes down there you don't need to bash their business. Maybe you should go down there and actually + 45 more characters
I also have worked out at the Gym and have had ZERO problems with the owners. The people that go down there are fun to be around,and honestly the gym looks awesome. I have also gone to their fights an + 105 more characters
buahaha! Lisa you're a riot.
yes sir it is true! Saturday September 11th at the MCC centra. Im not real sure of the time, but if you're really interested I can give you the number of someone who knows.
well theyre just opening so, the hours are a little funny right now. From what I've been told the hours are 3pm to 12am But call Mike and Dawn they'll be able to tell you more about it. 406-234-4517
A new gym just opened up on Plaza lane. Down by the Break Forth church. Its in the same driveway as Bojangles. It's a real nice enviroment. Lots of good people down there. You can call Mike or Dawn at + 124 more characters
Try getting a hold of Mike and Dawn Naatjes 234-4517 I know they have done some of the dvds.
A very lucky picture that i captured.. probably once in a lifetime shot..
I hope this works just a picture i snapped of outside me home and just redid it just a bit..
Kender, I know the Guesthouse has a room people use for parties.
Julie I REALLY do miss you! You are one of the NICEST women around!
Fact: We are on a hiring freeze and walmart isnt allowed to hire anymore employees thus comes the lack of cashiers. Ever stopped to think that maybe you yourself were being rude to the employee? I hav + 347 more characters
I third basil what a great guy :-)
transco dirty and dangerous
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