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South entrance to the Rock Springs National Forest.
Hi Tom, Thanks for taking the time to recount these stories. They are so interesting! Hope you are doing well.... Nick Krumenacker
I really enjoy all the comments regarding people's memories of growing up in Miles City. Many of us have wonderful memories of old landmarks that were once intricate parts of our lives, but no longer + 451 more characters
The Wibaux Building originally housed the State National Bank, founded by Pierre Wibaux. It had bank assests of $ 1,330,313.24. The bank president at the time was Mr C.W. Butler and John de Carle was + 225 more characters
The gas prices in Oregon are quite high. About $2.35 for regular. May 19th has been declared "Stick it to them" day. If all the people in the US did not purchase gasoline for one day the oil companys + 106 more characters
One of the best memories of the Crossroads is when Buddy Knox came to Miles City to do a concert. He brought his wife, and I think her name was Peggy Sue, the name sake of an old Buddy Holly tune, whi + 191 more characters
Please let me know how to order "Miles City Memories". What information do you need. Thanks Nick Krumenacker
Hi Ken, Well at least we are the right age for the Hangout now.. Listened to a song yesterday, with the lyrics, "Didn't know 60 followed 29". Isn' t that the truth.. Nick
Hi to all, My wife and I are both from Miles City. There are so many wonderful memories that made Miles City a great place to grow up. One of my fondest memories was the Harmony Hangout. When have you + 365 more characters
Dave was a wonderful person. He gave so much to the community of Miles City. I remember how much he and his wife loved the kids of Miles City. Not only with the swim team. but also as chaperons for th + 745 more characters
Thanks for the information regarding the northside grocerys. You really helped kindle old memorys of the Magnessens.They were really great people. I remember Andy was very heavy and couldn' t really g + 321 more characters
Does anyone remember the two grocerys located on the northside of the tracks. One was owned by the Devines? Also, has anyone metioned Burgies? I bought a Baby Ruth there that was full of worms! Great + 8 more characters
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