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I am looking for some information on the trail from Mystic Lake to East Rosebud Lake in the Beartooth's. I would like to talk to someone that has hiked the trail. I've frequently done Mystic and aroun + 755 more characters
We had considered dropping my oldest son's insurance because his father also has insurance on him, but I was told you pay for the first three and after that the rest don't matter. A Gold plan with BCB + 770 more characters
My dad always used to joke that when you turned 18 he broke your plate and you were out on your own, my kids will be 30 I think before I can break any of their plates. Of course if my subsidized flood + 118 more characters
David, I had heard nothing about the dental insurance being required until the last few weeks. I went to a training on the law and that was the first time I had heard about it and on our application f + 1526 more characters
Amorette you should look in to the BCBS Gold plan it's only $921.81 a month for a husband and wife and it has only a $3500 deductable.
Part of the law is not that all children under the age of 18 will need dental insurance. We have 4 children and it's a cost of $47.50 per child per month, with the fourth one being free. So no matter + 1700 more characters
My husband and I currently pay $875 a month for healthcare. With BCBS we would pay $923 for medical a month and $142.50 a month for dental, (this is a silver plan with a $6000.00 family deductable), s + 533 more characters
One time when I still worked at M&H I needed to change the billboard sign outside. It was suppose to say "Buy a carton of cigarettes, get a free shirt." Somehow I left out the R in shirt. It only took + 126 more characters
Manning looked good. Broncos' line stopped the run. A little work is needed in the secondary, but they picked it up in the end. Good solid victory against a good defensive team: Broncos-31; Steelers-1 + 1 more characters
My little guy goes and we both love it. I would highly recommend this preschool!
My wife loved "American Gods". I hated it. Neil Gaiman should stick to comic books (which I won't read either). My wife has found my Nook and now I guess I have no way of reading my books. She has spe + 361 more characters
Just finished "The Hunger Games" trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I really enjoyed it. I stumbled upon it on accident and recently found out it is a semi-popular series. It was a very easy read but full of + 406 more characters
BTW you can use pool shock (sodium hypochlorite) with brake fluid to make the reaction. But if you really want to see a reaction: potassium permanganate and antifreeze. Potassium permanganate is used + 785 more characters
Thank you Jackie and Suzie for expressing your feelings in a polite and friendly manner. I feel these posts have really brought some issues out in the open, I also feel some doctors and staff were giv + 298 more characters
I have often said during these last months I was going to go to nursing school, not to be a nurse but for the medical knowledge it takes to be a better patient these days. I suppose I should add on a + 684 more characters
I spoke with Holy Rosary yesterday. I don't know if it was the ranting and raving to the billing department or my posts on here. It appears that my echo done on December 14 wasn't read and a report wa + 836 more characters
I don't feel they did this on purpose and wanted me to suffer. I do think I needed to see a specialist and because it was Christmas and one doctor was leaving to go on vacation that they forgot about + 681 more characters
Medical malpractice doesn't exist, I can't prove long term damage. I can't sue for millions. The McDoalds'd lady made sure there were plenty of torts and everything else lawamkers need to ensure that + 187 more characters
"Pitbull personalities" is a wonderful explation of Holy Rosary, I usually say I am being railroaded. Understand, money isn't the issue. I want to know why I was allowed to almost die under their care + 446 more characters
I am sorry, I have 4 children myself and to say the least this was a very hard year for my family. When they called on Friday it was over an $84.00 bill. Of the $60,000 in bills the Sisters of Chari + 1019 more characters
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