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RE: T-ball 10 years ago
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I would just show up on Monday at Five and talk to the coaches that are there...
RE: T-ball 10 years ago
in General Discussion
First night of T-ball practice starts at 5pm Monday night at Highland park school. Four teams are practicing that night and four teams are having their first practice Tuesday night starting at 5pm. + 198 more characters
we r always looking for volunteers at the eagles manor during coffee break in the afternoon one or two times a month. if u can sing dance or know some fun great easy activities the Residents could enj + 3 more characters
This fundraiser is being held by the Parent Committee Council of Headstart. Last day to by tickets is May 6th, get your tickets!
hope we all help our program, for our future leaders!
Want to win a Fantastic Kids bike w/ helmet? (18inch) $2.00 a ticket... Both are NEXT brand with a front brake, training wheels and very stylish... One boys bike and one girls bike... Help support our + 353 more characters
thank you to everyone who came out to support our program, and special thanks to Albertson's and Reynolds with donating food for our fundraiser and the indivuals who donated food and drink also... if + 246 more characters
enjoy a yummy plate of spaghetti, on this chilly day...!!
i really hope that our community will come join us tonight we are hoping for a great turn out...this is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about programs available to our community also..
Wednesday October 24th 4:30pm to 7pm Spaghetti Dinner Night! $5.00 per plate kids 12 and under eat free At Headstart 1608 N. Merriam, Miles City menu: spaghetti, sauce (with or without) meat, green be + 140 more characters
i think that we need to figure out who these kids are and turn them in so they can take some bike safety courses, i know that when i was that age my parents made me take them... plus they are braking + 731 more characters
Maybe the kids that ride bikes in the streets should start a fundraiser for a skate park..instead of complaining that there is nothing to do in this town, find something to do be productive!! Plus i d + 426 more characters
Dave Smith is an awesome FNP! both of my children, got a horrible infection when hey were younger and if it hadn't been his idea to check for what he checked for my kids could of had some serious long + 43 more characters
I also have that same problem, my son should be going to Garfield, but now i have to spend time and my gas to drive him to Jefferson, plus y the hell doesn't miles city have a busing system, absolutel + 372 more characters
(Marie Eddy was killed by her boyfriend in the late 80's early 90's.) >>>>MARIE EDDY WAS MURDERED BY HER HUSBAND DARELL SPARKS. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! HE IS STILL IN PRISON AND HOPEFULLY TO NEVER BE R + 9 more characters
lets just shut walmart down, then everyone can complain because there is no where to shop. i love walmart, but not the miles city walmart, and that's only because, yes their shelves are empty, the emp + 1343 more characters
i think there are alot of houses around town that need major cleanup and is a constant eye sore all over town... the blue trailer house on the corner of William and north 6th is hideous. the owners ju + 343 more characters
So i have heard the parade starts at 10am and it starts at 11am, which one is it?
Would be nice to know how much its going to be. Count on $10 to $15 bucks per adult/ticket, and if they are doing rides or things like that another $5 to $12 dollars per person/ticket...
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