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do they have names? they might come to someone if called to catch????
really thats funny i just got shredded lettuce & tomatoes last week & again today.
ya not had many problems with washington, but ccdhs is all about your name & if you have money. My son got hit with a hammer @ that school last week, go figure they are now kissing ass!
Just noticed today while hauling out the trash that our building & the ace wharehouse was also tagged. Guess I better call the cops in the morning, I think the more reports/damages the better the chan + 36 more characters
I only have one thing to say & that is that i have worked 3 retail jobs & only at Wal-Mart have I ever meet the rudest people alive. The general public feel they can come in & its ok for them to treat + 375 more characters
Not that the police in this town would do anything anyway.I called when my husband hit me & because by the time the police did arrive & the 45 minutes they spoke with him, I didn't have a mark anymore + 216 more characters
I used to work at Albertson's & refused to sell him beer as he was already very intoxicated & trashed the bathroom. Rather than cause problems the assistant store manager said we don't want to lose a + 60 more characters
Not to get off topic but has anyone been to Albertson's lately? You want to talk about bad customer service, go there. All the help in the front end have quit the person running the front has no clue + 236 more characters
Seriously raleigh do you even know this family???? My son is best friends with the older boy & dad may not be a saint but he does take care of & watch his kids better than most.And don't you think if + 244 more characters
Actually I believe he sold the radio station to KIKC & he is living in Williston, but he had brought the kids back home. The police did arrest him on the dike to which he claimed he was hurt & taken t + 217 more characters
Ok just to set the record straight this is true. My neighbor is the one that called the cops on him. This is how I know.
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