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I believe that in high school football if the ball gets kicked into the end zone it is an automatic touchback regardless if someone catches it or it rolls in.
$300k in settlements is wisely spent?
I believe "Cowboy Football" is referencing to smash-mouth, hard nose football where you just go out and play your ass off and run the other team into the ground. Also, the Cowboys have been a running + 202 more characters
Who are the commentators on KATL ?
Thanks Brian, the info you provide is awesome! I also enjoy reading the facts and stats you compile each week. Are the games streamed anywhere online? I wouldn't mind listening to some Cowboy Football + 1 more characters
With all the talk about the dike and flooding, etc. I was just curious what the history behind the dike is. When was it built? Was the original river diverted? Was there ever a big flood in Miles City + 63 more characters
Unfortunately paypal is not scam proof either. Paypal has gone too far into the "buyer protection" zone, they can rather easily dispute products/services and hold up funds or even have funds put back + 102 more characters
The City is considering selling the rights to rename Denton Field after some company.Big Corporate Field just isn't as hometown as a place named after a person. Okay, we have agreed to sell naming rig + 841 more characters
"something" ballpark at Denton Complex "ice skating rink" at Denton Complex "Tedesco" Field (is it even called this anymore?) at Denton Complex "Connors" Field at Denton Complex "parking lot" at Dento + 501 more characters
The amount of stereotyping you do Amorette is a little out of control. I have children, 3 to be exact and the 1 time we were in town for the parade they loved it. They loved the "big trucks", the band + 542 more characters
I also HATE people who think spinning their slick tires and putting out noxious smoke is "cool." Since these people are inevitably tobacco users, they probably aren't bothered but many people are - Am + 737 more characters
Maybe Miles City needs to look into setting something up for the bikers to safely ride. At this point its a no win. The bikers can either risk getting a ticket or "near missing" someone on the sidewa + 101 more characters
Miles City also does not have bike paths set up for people to safely ride in the street without fear of getting running over.
A question for all those opposed to fracking, When natural gas/oil prices skyrocket because all the gas/oil is now stuck in the shale are you gonna blame yourselves or still point a finger somewhere + 770 more characters
It is not an industry response as I do not work in fracking and honestly do not understand it. I know that it supplies one of my family members with a good living. My point is that people need to kno + 456 more characters
I have no experience with fracking or the movie "Gasland". My assumption was that it portrayed fracking as something the devil would use to eliminate us all. But I do know several people who do frack + 622 more characters
So I was curious as to what Miles City won in this contest, so I called up Readers Digest and now I need to rant a little bit. 1st, I call there customer service line, I explain what information I am + 1104 more characters
I have little to no experience about this particular post but I do have a question. Who pays for this? From what I have seen and read on here Miles City has some budget issues already and is running a + 203 more characters
I believe a HOA can set-up there development as a "senior" living area and can then set-up age limits for occupation. A landlord can do the same thing under the same circumstances, if the dwelling is + 342 more characters
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