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Dawn Dee was one of the most interesting people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She was highly intelligent and funny, but at the same time humble and down to earth. I grieve very deeply for + 85 more characters
For $1, is that cool!
She didn't write "Never Forget"...I did.
Celebrity is power, and power without accountability is tyranny. Remember that as Palin's PR machine begins the "smoothing over" charade.
Ron h: it seems that, in my experience anyhow, the people that say things like "you need a life" or "wow, you sure duz gotz you too much time on them thair hands of yerz" are themselves usually depriv + 174 more characters
Also, I don't think we'll be hearing her "side" of things unless 1) Eric poses as Alice again or 2) they allow internet access in prison. Word around the campfire is that she's already under investiga + 62 more characters
Jody: You are correct, it was twins, and yes, they were lost.
BREAKING NEWS! The Greeley Tribune hard-hitting news reporter EB was able to get hold of the check that Ms. Maloney forged.
Frank: I was doing the comic for a few months, until I realized I was motivated by anger, not enjoyment. When I stopped being angry, I had no more inspiration. Plus, by that time I was becoming distra + 128 more characters
Perhaps we are all guilty of putting our faith in someone who let us down at one point in time or another. I'm sure the people who supported George Alan Rekers, Marion Barry and/or Roger Clemens get e + 188 more characters
Gunnar said: " sure looked like a horse's ass." Like the combined hindquarters of Mr. Ed, Flicka, Hidalgo, and the entire Budweiser Clydesdale team put together. Gunnar also said: "Hopefull + 239 more characters
That's her old Mug shot from her prison days...I am sure her new mug shot will be more vibrant and plucky.
Here is the article from the Miles City Star web site: Ex-local jailed in alleged forgery By Elaine Forman Three people are in jail, including a former Miles Citian, for allegedly trying to forge and + 2784 more characters
Kay was one of those people that made a point to remember your name, and always had a smile on her face when she saw you. She always gave me and my friends extra slices of pizza at the MCC cafeteria, + 426 more characters
Didn't take the train...flew across two continents to get where I wanted to go. cost $1,000 less to go Chicago, Moscow, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky than to go Seattle, Korea, Vladivostok, Pa + 205 more characters
I was in Moscow a couple weeks ago. I'm in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka now (North of Japan)...heading home in a couple days.
Rick, That day it was fairly rainy..also, they were setting up a stage for a big international music festival, so most of the people were at other attractions. Here's my Flickr account, if anybody is + 246 more characters
If you can't find someone to translate it for you, use this website: url Luckily, Dutch and English use the same alphabet, so it would be a matter of typing it in. Best of luck to ya'
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