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I believe there are vouchers available from a non profit organization in town to help with the expense. Either vet should have info on this.
Hey just to let people know I have heard of people donating food/drinks for the search people in Sidney. If you know Jen Hirsh I believe she is one person who is taking the donations up there to the S + 68 more characters
My greatest heartfelt condolenses to the familes and friends that lost in this tragedy. My prayers will be with all of you!
I don't think that it should be allowed within city limits. No matter what is stated "inspection" wise. People will abuse it and not only the animals will suffer, but so will the neighbors. I think a + 146 more characters
This is today everyone. Hope you can make it!
Appointments are coming in. Be sure to call ASAP if you can donate so United Blood knows the volume of people and which vehicle they should bring. Thanks to you all!
There will be a Blood Drive sponsored by Stockman Bank on Monday October 17t from 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm. United Services will have a Blood Mobile located onsite for the Blood Service. If you can make a + 260 more characters
Where does this take place, would love to see it some year?
Its a shame people would do that. So many people would take the kittens there is no need to disregard them like that. heck post here on "free kittens" they would go quickly.
True to that! Yes some people do follow their past convictions, but a lot of them came from when they were young/before children. I know someone who has felony drug convictions, but that was before th + 513 more characters
Ok this maybe a little off, but I'm confused on something. Why is it is costs so much money to sign your kid up to play (not professional) soccer, and it keeps going up each year, the sign up does not + 585 more characters
Just wanted to get the message out for other parents. My kids went swimming in the Oasis yesterday, and they now have swimmers itch. They did rinse off, but of course that didn't help. I know it is a + 220 more characters
Definately thank you so much!!! The children had so much fun! I had fun to watching them have so much fun they need that in the summer! I tip my hat to you all
Hey if you would like to donate a blood drive van comes to Stockman Bank every so many months and anyone can come and donate. Its almost like a free blood test too, because it is all tested and you ge + 156 more characters
How much is it per person? Want to make sure I bring enough money for this and the movie after...the kids will love it!
Sickening! Thats the only word I can think of that describes it
Either way...if she serves just prison time it will be a death sentence. Knowing what usually happens to people in prison that have even been accused of child abuse, it would probably be more humane t + 62 more characters
And do you know how many guilty people are set free because of those people on the jury who just "can't make up their freakin minds." You can sit and watch the trial on the television and hear the sam + 503 more characters
Give her the chair....any mother that can look so cold hearted even when someone mentions the name of her murdered child shouldn't get the right to breathe another breath of air!
ROY- Don't you have something better to go clean the dog crap out of your yard!!!
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