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I think the one question that need to be answered is was he given permission to persue, I don't get on here much but someone said the mayor posts on here. So Mr. Mayor, can you settle this issue once + 433 more characters
Tamily, you should report the people who said that to the corporate office, depending on how long ago it was, as they would be fired for those actions. But here is a story and sorry if it is long, but + 2806 more characters
Well said Matt, that is what I was asking. Someone should ask MCPD if they really did give permission to persue, and if they did heads should roll.
Nate I do understand being pissed about the name calling, as the family had nothing to do with it. But like I said if I chased you through the parking lot and you put it on here, you would get the sam + 72 more characters
I am so sorry dad for I have sinned.
Sorry Ty, I will try better!! Nate, it just shows how immature you are by calling people names. Maybe you should go back to high school where name calling is cool. I guess you don't understand my rat + 625 more characters
WOW!! I have read all of the recent posts, expecially Nate's. Now I see he is a minor and such that they will just slap him on the hand and send him on his way. But I have two questions about the post + 1541 more characters
Patty, I am all up for second chances, it was the sisters comments that made me say what I did.
are you kidding me leejevene????? So what you are saying that everyone deserves a second chance after screwing up big?? So if I was to shoot and kill one of your parents or relatives (hypothetical si + 495 more characters
first of all, I am sure you did not get to see the video of the chase, unless you were in the truck with him, then maybe I can see you saying that he did not almost hit that other car. So what he was + 438 more characters
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