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If you are interested in shooting pool this winter come to are meeting on the 15 of September at the V.F.W at 7P.M we will be glade to see you there Al bump to the top
We will be having are first meeting on Set 15 at 7P.M at the V.F.W Club hope to see you there we are looking for new players as well as some that have played before please come thank you Al
It is that time of year again when you should be thinking about the men,s  thursday  night pool league we are alway's  looking for new player,s and team's if you are interested in playing this year ca + 136 more characters
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RE: Ruger F/S 11 hours ago
Cubby i am still interested in your rifle I would trade and pay cash if what you would be interested in if it is less then your rifle cost give me a call 234-3191 Al
RE: Ruger M77 f/s 5 days ago
Cubby I am sorry I spelled your name wrong again I don,t no way I do that but I am real sorry Al
Lever action 30-30 6 days ago
I have a Rossi Rio-Grand 30-30 lever action like new I still  have the box and papper work it comes with a sling    will sell or trade for a diffrent rifle or will sell for $495.00 if interested call + 25 more characters
RE: Ruger M77 f/s 6 days ago
Chubby I am interested in you rifle come and see what I have and may bee we can trade call me 234-3191 Al
RE: Fishing gear 16 days ago
I still have new fishing gear lures rods@reels hooks if interested call 234-3191 ask for Al bump to the top
Browning 300 Win Mag 20 days ago
I have a Browning Medallion in 300 Win Mag Cal. it comes with a 3-9-40 Nickon B.D.C scope and sling will sell for $700.00  or will trade for a diffrent rifle in bolt action or lever action if interest + 27 more characters
RE: Fishing gear 24 days ago
Earl could you make Friday or Saturday after noon as I will be in River side park selling my Knifes Al
Fishing gear 25 days ago
I have 10 spinning fishing rods and reels new for sale you can take your pick for $25.00 each I also have about 80 hard body lures for $1.00 each and snelled hooks for .50 each if interested give me a + 169 more characters
Winchester 1895 rifle 28 days ago
I have for sale a Winchester 1895 lever action rifle buy ser" it was made in 1896 it is in 30-40 Krag Cal. and is in good shape for its age asking price is $3200.00 but will take offers this rifle doe + 165 more characters
F/S Norinco SKS rifle one month ago
I have a Norinco China SKS rifle all numbers match it comes with a Bayonet it is in real good shape I will sell for $495.00 I all so have a case of Ammo for it there are sixty boxs with 20 rounds in t + 119 more characters
I have an Argentin Mauser rifle in Cal, 7.65 x 53 MM all numbers match this rifle is in verry good shape and comes with a box of hunting ammo SP BT 180 Grain Ammo will sell for $395.00 if interested c + 23 more characters
RE: Rifle reloding dies one month ago
SOLD thank you
RE: Rifle reloding dies one month ago
Yes I still Have The Dies if interested call 234-3191 ask for Al
RE: Rifle reloding dies one month ago
I for got to say that I have a press to go with the dies
Rifle reloding dies one month ago
I have loading dis for 22Hornet, 220Swift, 44Spc, 6MM, 38/357, all RSCB and Bonaanza dies for 243,223, Lyman dies for 7MM Rem mag also 8 RCBS shell holders for the same Cal, dies also I have LEE lodin + 104 more characters
RE: Hard rifle cases one month ago
Hi Cubby if you have not sold you hard cases I will buy them call me at 234-3191 AL
Looking for used bricks one month ago
I am in need for used bricks if any has some for sale call Al at 234-3191 thank you
RE: Remington 243 Cal one month ago
This Rifle Has Been sold thank you
RE: Remington 243 Cal one month ago
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Remington 243 Cal 2 months ago
I have a new Remington model 783 it is a 243 Cal. it has a camo finish and comes with a 3-9-40 scope and sling  will sell for $425.00 or will take a trade of a diffrent rifle or hand gun if Interested + 25 more characters