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There  will be a meeting this Thursday September 26 at the V.F.W. hall at 7 PM any one interested in playing pool this fall should come if you want more information call Jeremey Harms at 853-3256 hope + 20 more characters
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If you are interested in shooting pool this winter come to are meeting on the 15 of September at the V.F.W at 7P.M we will be glade to see you there Al bump to the top
We will be having are first meeting on Set 15 at 7P.M at the V.F.W Club hope to see you there we are looking for new players as well as some that have played before please come thank you Al
It is that time of year again when you should be thinking about the men,s  thursday  night pool league we are alway's  looking for new player,s and team's if you are interested in playing this year ca + 136 more characters
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Porcelain Doll's 16 days ago
I have forty five doll all diffrent thay are from a sixty year collection thay are like new and are priced from $6.00 to $18.00 thay would be great for Christmas gifts if interested call 234-3191 ask + 6 more characters
The 5.56 ammo is sold thank you
The 223 ammo has been sold thank you
I have fifteen box's of 223 ammo American eagle 55 grain FMJ and the same in 5.56 I will sell them for $5.00 a box or if you buy them all $120.00 there  are twenty shell's in a box if interested call + 151 more characters
RE: 12 GA Buckshot 2 months ago
Shot gun shells are sold thank you
12 GA Buckshot 2 months ago
I have 48 box"s of Federal 12 Ga. Buckshot Maximum 9 pellets oo buck there are five shells in a box will sell for $5.00 each or all for $200.00 if interested call 234-3191
RE: F/S Honda 4x4 2 months ago
4X4 has been sold
RE: F/S Honda 4x4 2 months ago
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