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Maybe the answer is for the webmaster to add another category box below the sites on the front page. All the political bashing can be posted there. Let the idiots duke it out and let more intelligent + 36 more characters
What kind of evil monster wishes for the death of anyone's child?
We also have stopped using Stevensons car wash because of the extremely rude person working there. I don't know why he still has a job. So very rude and you don't hear most of the stories of the peopl + 88 more characters
(NaturalNews) Exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite. That's the conclusion of a + 4651 more characters
Thank you everyone for all the help. Treasure has been adopted by a very nice family and now has a permanent good home!
She has not made a mess yet, and she has slept all through the night in her bed in the heated garage and no mess either. She is not spayed yet because we didn't want to have her fixed in case the owne + 225 more characters
The owners haven't claimed their dog. Probably lost her while moving through the area. We need to find a good home for her to go to as we cannot have a dog. Please call 406-670-1444.
Thanks for all the efforts everyone. We still haven't heard from the owner even with ads in the Star and the Billings Gazette.
She was in bad shape when my husband found her and she has been to the clinic and all of her health issues have been updated and paid for. Unfortunately there is no chip to help find her owner. So, ho + 203 more characters
Found female gold lab, shar-pei cross dog. Found in strawberry hill area out of Miles City. Really sweet dog, but no collar. About 2 yrs. old. Someone is probably really missing their dog. Call, to cl + 53 more characters
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