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We are looking to have our house re-sided and I am looking for contractor recommendations! Good workmanship, reasonable price, expedient... That sort of thing! Would appreciate any input!
I really like Dr. Grantham...she delivered both my kids and I continue to use her as our family doctor.
We do at Jefferson School!
That would be fun! I stay at home with my kids in the summer and need some kids for my 2.5 year old daughter to play with. If anyone is interested please respond!
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Does anyone know if any of the empty lots out in Michaels addition are for sale?
Does anyone know who I should call if my street light is out?
http://maddycakesmuse.blogspot.com/2011/02/snackadium.html Snackstadium! It's kinda cute!
We are thinking about switching cell providers and were wondering what people out there thought of Midrivers. Does it have good coverage? Have you had any problems? Pros/Cons! We would appreciate any + 6 more characters
This is one of my favorite food blogs! url
Thanks for all your help!!!!
Every year the grasshopppers get aweful in my yard. I know this is the time of yeat to spray but I wanted to know what people have used that works!! Thanks
I am planning on having my lawn sprayed this spring. Can anyone recommend a service? And maybe give me a general idea of how much they charge. Thanks
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