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If no one claims this dog, I know a couple people who would foster her or perhaps adopt her.
What is the price of tickets?
Most fun you will ever have for a $100.00.
Jobie looks like he is wanting a smooch.
A big heartfelt THANK YOU to Laura for her tenacity in trying to capture little Bubba. If anyone can get the job done it is her.
No. I'm guessing they will end up at the pound and then.......
The other dog was found on Hwy 59 by the Tongue River turn off.
Got a report last night that Bubba showed up at someone's house and attempts are being made to catch him. He is not allowing anyone to get too close, but he is very hungry and that may be helpful in t + 59 more characters
Posting for a friend: Friday the 18th of October, 2 dogs were taken out to the country & dropped off by the side of the road & left. The first dog is a medium sized dog about the size of a Sharpei.H + 951 more characters
Call me 853-6615 after 5 pm.
The family in the light green house on the east side of North Lake (700 block) have lost their yellow lab. Sorry I don't know their name, but they came door to door asking about the dog.
I have had numerous inquiries from several Animal Shelters in Montana because of Laura's harrassing phone calls and emails to them. I have been told that she is now on their 'do not answer' list. I kn + 216 more characters
Yikes Larry! For some reason you seem to be getting pretty emotional here. I think Monica is merely trying to help. It's really not about you or Monica; it's about the horses.
To boxdmc: #1. it is not smart to trespass on someone's property to check out their livestock & I would not advise anyone to do that. #2. The neighbors ARE the ones who are calling for help. #3 & #4 + 282 more characters
I have received two calls from concerned neighbors about the horses on Mcgill's leased pasture land not getting water or food. One caller stated that he would be surprised if the horses are still aliv + 793 more characters
They were at my house 800 block of N Lake Tues. evening. When they left they were headed toward Leighton Blvd.
Huck is home with his family.
Nope, not a Bassett. This guy is not an adult and is 2 1/2 feet tall at the shoulders. He is long legged & going to be a good sized dog some day. I think he is some kind of a coonhound. Looks like a B + 36 more characters
This guy started following the mailman around 600 or 700 N Lake Ave area. Young hound dog / brown, black & white tricolor. I'm guessing about 6-8 months old. Un-neutered male. Please call 234-7633, 23 + 20 more characters
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