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Head Start will be having a huge bake sale from 1-4 on Saturday the 14th by the Hay Bale display. Please come and support our preschool! Thanks!
I am sorry for your situation, Jill. I feel it pertinent to note that not all reports are followed up on and convicted. Sometimes the child isn't believed because the parents are going through a divor + 929 more characters
The twinkling lights, the carols play, the money flows for Christmas Day. Who is this Santa? Why is he here? Another sales pitch, another year. What has become of the true meaning? Does anyone have th + 1597 more characters
Fave: Little Drummer Boy or Do You Hear What I Hear (tie) Hate: Santa Baby Collect: no.
Taken straight from the DMV of MT website: PEDESTRIANS Drivers must be alert and watch for pedestrians. Yield the right of way even when pedestrians are crossing in the wrong place. LOOK out for peopl + 399 more characters
While crossing the street at 9th and Pleasant on his way to school a car turned onto pleasant and struck him. The driver claimed the sun was in her eyes. Thank god he is okay with just bruises and roa + 173 more characters
I can't donate to the cause but she has my vote.
Ask him if he would be agreeable to a yard sale so that he could at least recoup some of his losses? He should have a legal advocate for him to relay what items were most valuable to him sentimentally + 480 more characters
All I can say is that for all of Miles City's talk about coming out of the darkness and raising mental illness awareness... Oh... wait... its just to prevent suicide so that the mentally ill can grow + 350 more characters
Joe, I fully did not support it. I even went so far as to call it theft. I only said good luck after someone claimed Mr. Shipley gave permission. I assumed he was overwhelmed by the task and asked for + 6 more characters
I don't know if it is still the case as I haven't been in Lucky Lil's for a decade or more, but they used to have a buffet that you could eat all you want as long as you play the machines. $2.00 on ni + 39 more characters
if it was sparkly, I think the paperboy picked it up
Any news as to if he's been found?
What if we could do a throw-back to more innocent times and set aside one day a week where kids could go to the park and join a game of baseball, softball, soccer, basketball... whatever. No contracts + 470 more characters
I believe our government has moments of incredible stupidity, but even they aren't stupid enough to tunnel through a super volcano.
or not.. guess he is the target of multiple death hoaxes
I'm no good at embedding links, but the extra 2 seconds it takes to copy and paste this into your browser will be time well spent.
AVG is antivirus software. I actually pay for it and it works great for me.
I saw one on the battlements(?) of the church on Main Street by the underpass a couple of weeks ago... it was a good sized and quite beautiful one.
The re-draft is the prize support. And in a town like Miles City, yes there are new players and some experienced players. So far as I have seen there are players that come from the surrounding communi + 212 more characters
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