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Happy Birthday Sara!!! Sorry we woke you up this morning, but we just couldn't wait to sing you Happy Birthday fom back home!! We love you too much-Have a great day, we will call you tonight. Peace ou + 9 more characters
John David Friend--Class of '92. Especially keep his family in our prayers during this holiday season.
Then let Jaiden come! I'm sure he's already a fine businessman. It should be about time for a visit shouldn't it?
Hey Geri!! Maybe Sara & Terry could come home & run the bakery!! HINT HINT:,
Jody, Robert Shy's e-mail address is [email protected]
My sister, Mary Pelletier-Filiault(8/3/03). Miss her like crazy
He actually lives in Colstrip.
Lisa, I remember you & Mary at your parents house by Sacred Heart. Were you with her when she wrecked mom & dads blue and white suburban? I still remember that night, she had on that bright blue finge + 17 more characters
Sooo.... Who's going home tonight?
Sara, Happy Birthday Baby Sister. Love you- Amy, Rob & Addison
Happy Birthday to my brother John. Have a great day. Love you, Amy
Happy Birthday Trav.....Love You, The Pontius's's's--bad
Ditto Sisters Love you Amy
Miles City truely has lost one of it's greatest!! My parents have lost a very dear friend. I know mom's annual St. Patricks Day dinner will not be the same without him physically, but he'll be watchin + 19 more characters
Is anyone as old as Terry?!? Happy Birthday Jen--We love you.
Happy Birthday to my "oldest" brother-in-law Terry Kellum. How old are you today?!? And yes I know your not really the oldest! Have a great time at the ocean. Miss & love you more.
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