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We have eaten there several times and find the service excellent and the food always very good. The waiters/waitresses I think do an awesome job, always put customer first. Whenever we want to eat out + 130 more characters
Also wondering what they are building on North Haynes east side? Looks like a big project. Lots of storm drains being put in.
REALLY! How old are you? Everyday you are on this site critizing people. You act like you are the only person who knows anything. If anyone other than your "group" gets on here you and many others are + 444 more characters
You won't find them on Miles City.com All you will find are people who seem to have a lot of extra time to spend on line. They sit like vultures waiting for their prey and then they pounce and chew yo + 86 more characters
Check out Miller's Horse Palace on line. They are between Billings and Laurel on the interstate. They don't have practices, but have winter series rodeo every other week. Welcome to Miles City
I will no longer be using miles city.com I would rather not be associated with people such as you who like to be so judgemental. A person has a right to state their opinion as long as it matches yours + 446 more characters
Well said Dixie. People in our community need to quit bad mouthing our hospital and be more supportive. They are only doing what they need to do to survive in this time of Obama health care. A lot of + 335 more characters
There was a tornado in the 90's about 1994 that came through Southgate and did destroy one home and damaged a few others.
I find you remarks a bit offensive. I have not found any information about the Holy Water vials. However, we dip our fingers, not finders, in the Holy Water. Also, it is not sacred fluid, it is HOLY W + 327 more characters
Goodby to home town health care and hello to big city corporate, no holds barred, run-em-out-of town health care. Looks like the Deaconess big wigs have spotted a Catholic-owned rival health care fac + 1186 more characters
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