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I'm sorry to hear of Gary's passing. It has been years since I've seen him. He was a wonderful man and a good friend. God Bless you Gary. Have a great journey. Oh the parties we had at Brucy Bakers. D + 2 more characters
"I wonder how the depot would look on 8th and Main. " I was wondering that myself Kill two birds with one stone so to speak. And maybe a few pigeons.
Curt Martin former Miles City native passed away July 6th. Curt will be missed by all who knew and loved him. Russell "Curt" Martin, 50, of Helena passed away July 6, 2009 due to heart disease at St. + 2122 more characters
I am appalled at the rude, sarcastic replies from people who are always trying to prove they are better then everyone else on this forum. Amorette Allison, hmmmmm must have been raised on snob hill. J + 761 more characters
From Brian..."You hurt my brain, I hurt your feelings..." You have no brain you're all mouth as usual. Michelle you keep on posting hon. And don't fret the small Brian.
It sounds more like he knows what he is talking about. TRUTH. And yes this isn't something new. Has been going on for a very long time with kids as well as adults.
You really are a piece of work.
I agree with Jim Brady. It was quite apparent that there was a problem which had to do more with you being a snob... " I saw a somewhat disheveled (and obviously intoxicated) middle-aged woman of a ce + 331 more characters
I loved driving in Miles, the not hurrying to get here or there. People stopping for pedestrians. Having someone actually stop so you could pull out into trafic. No hurry no worry. Now if you would ac + 464 more characters
There was hunting allowed at the park some years ago. I was born and raised and lived in Miles for 49 years. Went on many hunting trips. Just to make sure my memory was correct I contacted the FWP, th + 1317 more characters
I used to love to go up there. It was so pretty. The wind blowing through the trees, it was always so quiet. They may have locked the gates due to hunters.
Lewis Thorp and Carol both worked there. That was when the custer county resthome was out in the valley. Thanks.... I guess what goes around, came around.
I would be interested to find out if this is the same Lewis Thorp who lived and worked in Miles City as a CNA out at the Custer County Rest Home, mid 1980's. I remember him being suspected of molestin + 539 more characters
Amen and Amen
Does anyone happen to have any pics of this all to common event? Would love to see it. Thanks!
Just thinking of an old friend. Julie Leland...Love ya Jewels
Skeeter Cain died this past weekend while scuba diving in Helena area. It appears he had a heart attack and couldn't be revived. Good bye Skeet. Have an awesome journey. Tootz
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I also live in Helena. What I have done is printed out job's from job service and hand those out instead of money to the gypsies. It is a lucrative business and they do work in shift's. The city has p + 272 more characters
Out of curiosity. Does the city still have a police officer that works at one of the schools during the school year? If so what is his status in the summer?
Maybe if the parent's want their children to be safe and be able to swim they should start a group to be at the pool and patrol it. If there is no money to hire someone then you all need to stand up a + 327 more characters
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