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Thank you for the info. As a parent it's good to know these things. Even if he's served his time, there's a lot of evidence showing that pedophiles are rarely ever rehabilitated. That's why they have + 173 more characters
A friend of mine once offered a panhandler a day job. He asked how much and my friend responded $50. He laughed and said I make double that (was not in Miles City, but still!). My lesson in that was t + 136 more characters
Bridger: Homesteaders were the poor and, by and large, they were also farmers because a much larger portion of the population were farmers then. Now, we're more efficient and much of the population do + 565 more characters
OK. Ag is NOT the biggest receiver of government subsidies. According to the New York Times, clean energy funding alone peaked at $44.3 billion in 2009. That's a helluva lot more than ag. It is on the + 628 more characters
Bridger, yes, I guess welfare does in a round about way subsidize agriculture...and every other industry in the world. I have a good number of friends on the government dole and their welfare dollar a + 1177 more characters
This might be slightly off topic, but I always get upset when people go on about how subsidized agriculture is. For one, check out this pie chart to see how much the "Farm Bill" has to do with agricul + 784 more characters
Anybody else going to the concert tonight? It starts at 8 p.m. at veteran's park (between Montana and Bison) and I believe they got a pass to have drinks outside. Looks like the rain will pass and it + 104 more characters
Would be good to know the number of people, male/female and ages to donate for. Any small children, teenage children? Elderly?
What kind of workshops? What will you be doing?
Congrats on the find, petrified wood is always neat. I've seen pretty big blocks of it, so unless you're talking feet not inches then put it on your desk or in your flowerbed and enjoy.
How heartless. A family is obviously grieving and the first shot is a blame card. If it said the cause was an auto accident would you assume he was driving and why throw blame at parents who are in e + 391 more characters
Super large ranches are sometimes the result of living in an area where land is poor. 1,000 acres in New Mexico is worth about the same as 40 acres in Iowa. Where this ranch is up in the mountains I'd + 419 more characters
Doeden construction has both. They're located on the hill on the way to the airport.
Yes please! The people of MC seem to eat out a lot based on what I see in restaurants any week night and we need diversity. Provided it's open for evening and offers some atmosphere (and advertises a + 194 more characters
If you really want to go hunting on private land you need to develope a relationship with the farmer/rancher before hunting season. Too many times strangers with or without permission go out and commi + 1664 more characters
The Mayor just said in a radio interview that it is very bad to drain water into the sewer system. It could cause the water treatment plant to not only be overwhelmed but the bacteria can't work right + 258 more characters
I second that Levi. The same goes with permanently lame or injured horses. I'd rather put them out of their misery than watch them hobble around for years. Ironically in my experience the horses we u + 585 more characters
We're not uncaring, we've just actually spent many hours and years around horses, cattle, etc. and actually know what bothers them and what doesn't. Believe it or not, these animals are really, really + 326 more characters
agreed on the coffee. Thought it was just me.
Yes, a loose chicken makes far better soup than cats and dogs. Jking.
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