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Don't remember the Alta Club having a drive thru but may have been gone from Miles City by that time. Gary Fields was the best "burger flipper" at the Red Rock. He worked there for several years. Don' + 55 more characters
Thanks David Schott. I was beginning to question my memories because so many people, including my brothers, had different memories than Richard and me. Glad that I can still remember some tings!
Klamm’s was located where the building circled in blue is. I guess Richard remembers that also. I have no idea when it evolved into something other than Klamm’s or if the old building was burned or de + 368 more characters
David Schott: guess you didn't read my earlier post or else I have no credibility even tho I lived in Miles City from 1940 until 1964 and I don't frequent this site much. NE corner of Valley Drive and + 22 more characters
My uncle, Dan Brady, was also a Conductor on the Milwaukee and I think a lot of his runs were east. A good friend of mine who went to college in Nebraska said Dan was always so kind to her as she trav + 90 more characters
In regards to David Schott’s question about Klaam’s, It was a bar and it did sit on the NE corner of Leighton Blvd. and Valley Drive. I don’t know what is there at the present time…just know what used + 797 more characters
When I read "history" or hear hews I assume that it is the truth (Brian Williams???)...not fiction or "old wives’ tales" or "cowboy tales". I was living in Miles City that year also and I remember not + 223 more characters
My lifelong friend, Jane Kearney McCauley passed earlier this year. Jane graduated SHHS class of 1958. After many years of not knowing where each other was, we got back in touch about 10 years ago and + 152 more characters
Have you tried url ?
Grocery shopping at Buttrey's in Miles City. Came home to put groceries away when I heard the announcement that he had died.
All of these posts are quite interesting regarding HRH billing people months after the procedures. I broke my ankle in Miles city the end of May and had to get an ambulance to transport me to the ER. + 1175 more characters
No recollections of when this photo was taken, but when I first saw the "723J" I thought it was a phone number. In the 1940's the phone numbers were coded that way. My grandma's phone number was 186J + 166 more characters
One of my family members who can remember Miles City history better than I, agreed with me on the location of the "Milwaukee Apartments", and also agreed that the Montana Avenue apartment building was + 460 more characters
My family lived in this apartment building most of my growing up years and I lived there for a while after I was married. My Dad, Joe Brady, managed the apartments for several years when it was owned + 435 more characters
Something else to consider that I have heard from folks who still live in MC. Some would like to see passenger service returned to MC and I for one, as Jen mentioned, would use it instead of driving. + 693 more characters
After reading all the posts in this forum, articles from the Miles City Star and Billings Gazette, the one thought that struck me the most is that there is a possibility of apprising Warren Buffett of + 829 more characters
I should have added this a couple of months ago, but as usual, I am a day late and a dollar short. My husband and I and a cousin and her husband from Spokane stayed at the Horton House B&B in Miles Ci + 709 more characters
I am pretty sure the son's name was George. The girl's given name was Elnavail, which she shortened to either EV or Evie. That is all I remember about them and haven't heard of any of them for years. + 54 more characters
Most folks on this website are considerably younger than I, but I will still put in a plug for the Kindle for the older folks or those with vision problems. I bought my Kindle a few months ago because + 1048 more characters
Thank you all for your responses. I will call and check on the one you and Amorette mentioned Kacy. And, Frank, I may consider the one you mentioned at another time. Our time in Miles City will be lim + 171 more characters
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