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Ok I have to comment on this, I usually stay out of the tip wars but as a server I'll just make it simple. Servers in Montana are required to claim 8% of their total sales for the shift, so if they se + 397 more characters
They where just out in Southgate BECAREFUL
I agree they obviously know where it is if they left her somewhere and KNEW where to go to bury her. People are so messed up.
Ah the flumes. I remember those days. My mother would always get upset that we were out of town playing on those!
My dad was a great and well known man here in Miles City and I know he will be greatly missed by many! Love you Dad.
Good luck finding a hotel room this next week But some close ones are Best Western, Econo Lodge, Holiday Inn, Guesthouse Inn, Comfort Inn, Motel 6 and Super 8. All on the main stretch of Haynes and e + 12 more characters
Thoughts and prayers go out to Dawns family. She was truly an amazing lady!
Go talk to David at the New Hunan he reads Mandarin
Has anyone informed the racers that it's a race.....not a demolition derby! Last one on the track does not win!
Mr. Potts would always let me skip class to go to "Geri's Cake Walk and Doughnut Run" to get doughnuts! But only if I brought him back a maple bar or 2! Oh high school!
Close 2nd to 1985 by the same artist too! High School Never Ends- Bowling for Soup HEY! Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh HEY! Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh HEY! 4 Years you + 2192 more characters
I agree with both of you. It is the only time of the year that they take off. Just like people who get 2 weeks vacation at their jobs. They are there everyday from 9am to 11pm if not later, 7 days a w + 510 more characters
I posted this on my facebook page 20 minutes ago and it's already up 60 votes!
I know someone who may have a house available around that time. E-mail address for them is [email protected]
Faith Martin and Beth Sutter of Custer County were named the statewide grand prizewinners. The two incoming high school freshmen spent more than 40 hours constructing a three dimensional acrylic and p + 258 more characters
New Hunan
I'm so sorry for your loss. I knew Kris since he was little and Brad and I were good friends. He will be dearly missed. He's a great kid and didn't deserve this neither did your family. Him and I used + 258 more characters
Made my day! Thanks!
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