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Thank you for your explanation. Today is the first time for me to see the green arrow near Main St. in that direction. I assume that is the Eagles nest. Yesterday while I was watching them there was a + 363 more characters
Hi! I'm speaking of the building across the street from the swimming area bath house. It was the American Legion Hall originally.
That would mean the traffic we see passing beneath the nest is on Pleasant St. rather than Main St? That has to be some amazing lens on that camera!
I can't believe it is near the American legion building. How could we be seeing the traffic on Main street from there?
I WAS born and raised in Miles Ciiy and am having a problem in undertanding where the Eagle nest and camera are located. Just from looking at the Video it looks to me as if the nest is located in the + 88 more characters
Just happened to be browsing and came across this entry. I wonder if they got the name mixed up with Dr. Rowen who had a practice in 1942.
At age 85 my memory is not the best, but I think that the family who owned the Montana and Liberty theaters spelled their name with a T, not a D. " Knutson"
A little more of interest to this story. I was Ass't. Manager of the Miles Howard and Milligan Hotels at that time and recall the incident. The crew of the plane were put up at the Miles Howard and th + 635 more characters
Clifford Innes was in the CCHS graduating class of 1944. I heard later that he had married Helen Groth and they had moved to Canada.
I'm late replying to this, but might have the answer you are looking for. George Freeman Cobb was a passenger conductor for the Milwaukee RR and retired in 1939 or 1940. He was called out of retiremen + 213 more characters
I was amazed to read of the pregnancy rate at CCDHS. I'm of a different generation and when I was going to school there in the early 40's, I never heard of a pregnancy, and things like that are rather + 815 more characters
The building that the Hotel Ingham sign is on was the Miles City Bank as shown on the clock . If you look closely you will notice that the Hotel Ingham sign is an arrow pointing to the left. The hotel + 266 more characters
In the 40's and early 50's this building was occupied by Hines Motor Supply Co. My stepfather, Sherman Cobb was manager for a number of years before he went into the Army in the early 40's.
Hi David! Thank you for the prompt answer to my query. I have a feeling you are the son of an old friend of mine, Donald Schott. We were very involved together in the Jaycee's and my wife and I and ou + 382 more characters
Where can I order a copy of the new video of Miles City scenes, 1934-1956?
I'm a little late in catching this entry. Can anyone tell me if Ruby Rieger taught shorthand at the Jr. College in the early 50's?
Thank you for your quick reply Leonard. My youngest son mentioned taking our pets to Dr. Elting, but neither of us could remember his name. I would wake up in the middle of the night trying to remembe + 151 more characters
Who was the Veterinary Doctor that had a clinic on the corner by Parkers Bar. He also had a home on the north side of the Yellowstone River.
In the early 50's there was a movie called Ecstacy starring Heddy LaMarr. She was supposedly swimming in the nude, but the movie was made in the 30's and the quality was not very good.
Pat Johnson passed away Jan.2, 2010. She was the wife of Jay L. Johnson who was born and raised in Miles City and attended Miles City schools. They met in Boston during World War 2 where Jay was atten + 670 more characters
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