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My grandfather, Elmer Strom did live out his life in Forsyth. He is buried there. His mother, Elizabeth (Carlson) Strom, I have learned is buried in Miles City. His father was John Strom. I am verifyi + 51 more characters
Elmer Strom was my grandfather. He was married to my grandmother, Genevieve until eventually divorced and his 2nd wife was Norma.
My grandfather had several brothers, some settled, homesteaded north of Miles City as well. Carl(?), Peter, Charley, Gustof (?), Ivar. I don't think Casper was one of them, but I will check. Thank you + 299 more characters
I am interested in finding information about my great grandmother, Veronica Scheurich. She was the last one to operate the Stone Shack north of Miles city, also later, maybe around 1922-1925 owned a h + 248 more characters
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