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Sue ordered popcorn from us and we do not have contact information or an address to deliver it. Can anyone help?
They are back home. Thanks to everyone that kept an eye out. Winston catches a scent of something interesting and in a second he is gone and doesn't "hear" me calling. Buddy goes after him barking and + 179 more characters
My 2 dogs took off this morning. Buddy is a Maltese cross and Winston is a schnauszer cross. Both are light colored and have blue collars with names and contact phone. South Center area close to the g + 46 more characters
My dog just tried to bring it home, Vicinity of South Center and heading toward the golf course. My apologies for the missing feathers as Winston thought it was a toy.
I don't think it is fennel. I think it is boc choi (my spelling is terrible).
We are taking care of our friends dogs and one got out yesterday afternoon. I posted before under subject LUKE. If anyone has seen this dog please call 951.1400. Luke is a Brittany spanial, off white + 132 more characters
Burt/Bart Hope you had a great day. Love ya, The Widow Doody
Amber What if while you were playing your joke someone really needed the crisis line and real help? Jokes are best when they don't put others in danger. Would you have called 911 and played a similar + 104 more characters
Thank you to everyone who watched out for Curious. She returned home this morning with a little less fur and a big appitite. She is happily licking the other animals and enjoying the kids attention. I + 89 more characters
Down home WOW, I guess you told me. I'm not mature and responsible enough to have a pet because it got lost. Hmmmm no chance that it may have been taken? All of my pets have collars with tags that + 1318 more characters
Good news, I have 2 beautiful children Our pets are very entertaining with the christmas decorations Some people actually smiled when I was in Walmart yesterday Family I have not heard from in 2 year + 210 more characters
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I am heartsick with the recent events and the effects it has had within the community and far away. I know all 3 families and can only imagine what they must be going through. How challenged mentally + 382 more characters
Rocky Top Tennessee by ?
Any one who goes to activities for their kids sees how great Miles City is. At the Little Guy football game last nite parents were rooting for both teams, applauding good plays on both sides and gener + 244 more characters
I agree. I had a really bad experience at M&H. When I asked to speak to the supervisor they told me no. After calling local law enforcement to assisit with the issue the clerk finally called her manag + 369 more characters
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