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Last week,a birthday party reservation was made on Thursday noon for Sunday afternoon. We realized the time was after we would be closed for employee Christmas party. Started calling the number provid + 249 more characters
dixie barnett, glenn r bartolett, michelle wilkerson, patricia yankoff, robert young, luann dalke, marliss delange, judy dewitt, richard gonetti, carolyn emerson, robert ferguson, marjorie fessler, da + 1020 more characters
Computer crash. All addresses lost for class of 1967. Don't even know where to look for out of town members. Please email all addresses to [email protected] Thanks for your help. Mailing for the ALL + 45 more characters
Hey Class of 1969 - Our classmate, Jon Boe, is willing to put together a reunion book. He will need info and photos. He will figure out how we can get it online, without everybody and their dog access + 32 more characters
Burch Palmer ( & the Walkers band) is contacting musicians from the 60's to setup a jam session on Saturday. People are excited!
thanks for the info. did you go to CLASSREPORT.ORG and sign in? it doesn't cost you anything. sure would help save time for your class contact. please help spread the news.
Please visit classreport.org to update your mailing and email info. Due to a computer crash, all addresses were lost from the last reunion. Click Mt, Miles City, either CCDS or SHHS, your year. Addres + 89 more characters
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