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Thanks for your help and information.
I know this is old news but I wonder who I need to call for a copy of the ordinance recently passed in Miles City allowing 6 laying hens. I would like to see Glendive do the same. Thanks for any infor + 21 more characters
Richard, I have copied and pasted to my Facebook page. Thanks
I understand the young woman did an awesome job. I just have a hard time thinking that Jeff can out act John.
He's doing ok. Not walking around with a shopping cart and a sleeping bag. He's got a house to rent. I think they set up an account at Stockman Bank. Thanks.
Brother Bob's oven went through a house fire. Are they toast or can we clean them and re-season them?
My brother's house burned Wednesday. To the ground. He hopes you all have smoke etc detectors in your homes and a corded phone. If you don't have cell phone service or have a cordless house phone, onc + 238 more characters
Thanks for sharing. Great pictures!
Snowing in Glendive. It's good for ducks, geese, and polar bears.
Spewing is my new favorite word. liberals love it too. As for this group of Taxed Enough Already people...gee, are there really any words? I don't have any. They don't represent me or my way of thinki + 25 more characters
Trouble is I really don't know what's on the films. There are several. All unmarked but I seem to recall Granddad saying they were the first rodeos in Richey. Imagine the old cowboys!!!
Thanks....I knew you guys were smart.
Isn't there something already on the books regarding cords and hoses crossing sidewalks? I don't think you can leave an elecrical cord when you've plugged your car in during the winter. i don't think + 104 more characters
Is there anyone in the greater Miles City area that cleans and lubricates old film and transfers it to CD form? I have several cans of old movies. Not even sure what they are but I think the first rod + 64 more characters
Some glass repair places will come to your car. And like it was said here, check with your insurance first. Glendive area has Bob's Body Shop.
I am all in for the chickens. Have you seen the CUTE chicken coops available? Stunning. And fresh eggs. And chicken poop ( ) is good for the garden....along with the sheep's. As long as you don't hav + 59 more characters
ok so now I am hooked. thanks a lot!!! LOL
Because he can stock pile. Some ammo is getting difficult to find. And some won't be found because they are not making it. I don't own a gun but sure glad I know someone who does. Made shopping for hi + 184 more characters
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