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I agree with MeganLynn, I think BOTH Earl and Yeshi are amazing artists! As far as what they look like, I beleive in the old saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" and that is so true, especiall + 189 more characters
Dr Mac is amazing and just recently named one of the best OBGYN's in the country and world... He was my doctor with my child. He's very well educated and has lots of experience. He's delivered over 8, + 11 more characters
Its easier to pass them then to actually teach them a thing or two.
The problem is the lawmakers repealing something voters agreed to... although they may not have voted for the thing its become they DID vote for medical marijuana.
I see you use two names? Which name would someone donate to as donating under the wrong name will cause tax issues for both your organization and the person donating.
Why yes Stone, I married into a good family and gained a good last name.
I think they're a part of fall and they look nice on the lawn... Maybe thats just from years in a tropical climate though.
My shout out is to you Miss CK! You're one of the nicest people around this town. You're always positive, ALWAYS, even when I know you're feeling like crud. More people could be like you! Who else wri + 153 more characters
Wendy this must be a touchy subject for you... I didn't think there was a need for petty name calling. I simply asked a question and stated my opinion. Sincerely, "Bonehead"
Regarding the flu shot- what happened to people's immune systems? I have never had a flu shot and have also never gotten the flu... I also don't run out and take an antibiotic for every cough or bug e + 73 more characters
Gunnar- Its the 2010 movie... sorry to burst your bubble... As far as how uncomfortable the seats are- it's true but atleast we have SOMETHING. Imagine if we didn't have anything... I love the Red Bo + 321 more characters
I am a patient of Dr.Mac's and my due date (Oct. 17th) happens to fall on his vacation. As this is my first child, it obviously made me more than anxious as I've become so used to Dr.Mac and his wife + 532 more characters
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