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They just hired a new superintendent who will do a good job and sometimes the small school experience is good for kids. You can also call the school sec(Lorie) she has been a part of that school most + 40 more characters
Is that the best reply you two idiots can come back with.......wow talk about not as smart as they appear
really what did he/she do that was so wrong for all we know he/she was speaking the truth about the kids he/she was dealing with, as an educator there have been time when I have delt with kids who are + 817 more characters
What about half staff to honor other citizens? Only the president of the United States or the governor of the state may order the flag to be at half-staff to honor the death of a national or state fig + 3160 more characters
because I don't have too, so get over it
again another reason to support Fun 2 You and time to fill in the sewer lagoon woops I mean the oasis one and for all. guess the allisons must have a vested interest in the oasis since they are always + 39 more characters
have you seen the sign on Montana Ave just across the tracks, thats great now maybe the mayor won't have to grow his own ha ha ha
Amorette, It is people like you who are going to ruin this project. Miles City needs a community pool, and no matter what you say that sewer lagoon the mayor and yourself want to call a pool is not a + 574 more characters
its amazing that when you look at the map how the city offices and buildings have been taken off and even some of the city officials houses and property have been taken off the form the first map. I f + 30 more characters
yes there is a lawsuit in the works involving an asbestos abaitment company the mayor and the city, because the mayor tried to do some things that were not in his power to do. I do understand that th + 206 more characters
My opinion on this matter is that the mayor has overstepped his power but who hasn't done this in a position of power, it's human nature to do so. I also know the city and the mayor are being sued, by + 824 more characters
in this situation the jury did not rely on the facts of the case but instead made a decision based on the emotions of the case. that is why it will be appealed and the bat makers will eventually win
Wow..........the jury really got this one wrong
it is amazing that the landlords in miles city think their rentals are so nice, for 99% of them pets would upgrade the property. My wife and I looked for a rental here for 3 months before we found one + 359 more characters
I know it is against federal law to drive on the riverbed so let the federal authorities worry about that it is not the mayors place to be concerned about this. There is nothing worse than an elected + 280 more characters
Maybe the mayor needs to do his job and not try to stick his nose into things that do not pertain to him like what people have safely stored on their private property or who might be driving on the ri + 94 more characters
What can you tell me about the new houses that are going up by the golf course they look nice who lives out there besides Lucus's
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