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Couldn't have done any better!!
They are mutations of E Bola. You must stay indoors for 2 years and save all your barf for the government to monitor. Be afraid. Be very afraid!
Besides, Democrats suck syphilitic rabid moose arm pits and anal glands
Dr. Brooke is the best around. He operated on both of my shoulders for rotator cuff tears.
I suppose you complained to the manager about her indiscreetness as you are doing here. Is due process in order?
Where do you get malt? I looked every where but no luck. Except the interweb.
So you have Century Link now? I keep on getting cut off, "No Internet Access" with Mid-Rivers. They replaced the modem once. Maybe they can replace themselves??
I might get stuck in a position I don't want to spend the rest of my life in if I tried the yoga thing.
Is there any adult exercise classes or maybe just stretching classes around that don't cost too much?
Good God if I ever tried that now I'd be in traction for a month! But it was fun though!!
The ants are ripping the petals open and waiting to go up the nose of anybody that goes in for a smell!
TWC did have the warnings, but what about the people who just can get the local stations? I hope it gets better, meaning the notification to ALL in dire weather situations.
It seemed kind of not right that when we had a severe thunder storm warning and tornado warning yesterday, that none of the local TV stations had any thing about them. Are we not worthy of getting muc + 45 more characters
Actually it fly's around as it farts three times and goes out the window! Just can't keep them around
Are there any peoploids in the MC area that have moved here from the NY area? Maybe we can start a discussion group to talk about old times?
Here's an update as to the access to the fridge. I just had the wi fi modem replaced from Mid Rivers. I had to give him a new password. SHAZAAM!!!! It could have been a few things. One - the installer + 458 more characters
Of all people to get visions of grandeur! beer
There's a glass of water evaporating on 3rd and Vine when it's not freezing outside! An E Ticket attraction!!
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Is the vet on East Main the only one for adoptions?
CCF 9 years ago
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Is CCF4Animals up and running? I got into their web site and nothing seems older than 2011.
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