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Oh, if I had to pick just one thing, that would be lack of traffic. The only time I ever saw traffic in Miles was on the TV. Unfortunately, now I see it way too often.
I agree, the community is so special and unique. I live in a small town in Virginia. Its got that nice small town feel to it, but its no Miles City. The atomsphere created by the people of Miles City + 263 more characters
Yes, I am in the Navy. Basil (or Basilous to some) taught at MCC for about 30 years. He retired for the most part back in 96 or 97. He is doing very well. I believe he still teaches one class (mid eas + 413 more characters
I remember the flumes very well, in fact, alittle too well. I saw my life flash before me on more than one occasion. However, it didn't stop me. What foolish kids we were. It was so dangerous, but oh + 379 more characters
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