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I am trying to get my son involved in sports ASAP. He loves everything from baseball, to football, to golf. If any of these sports have 4-5yr old age group i would love any information possible to get + 34 more characters
does anyone know if it is too late to sign up a 4yr old boy for soccer? he really wants to play this year, but I just found out about sign-ups... please if you know of anyone to call let me know
yeah, the only thing i received was a blue paper saying what time the classes were, but nothing else. I'm wondering if it didn't get lost in the mail since the blue paper i did get seemed like it bare + 54 more characters
My son is registered for school at let me shine and I was just wondering if anyone knows when they start school. I haven't received anything in the mail yet and wasn't sure if anyone else has or not y + 5 more characters
yes!!! everything is free!! all parts and labor! we are trying to give back to the community and what better time than the holiday season! we want as many people as possible to come in! All you hav + 324 more characters
a minor repair would be such as heater repair and small things, nothing big like a new engine or transmission. If you know someone that has problems with their car feel free to call and ask questions + 154 more characters
'Male size 34 pants and L/XL shirts Female 9 or 'M/L Baby girl 18-24 months and Toddler 2T-3T..........they lost everything so anything helps you can take donations to Libby at the Trails Inn Bar..... + 103 more characters
as many as possible, we are looking for at least a full days worth of work if not more!!!
you are super awesome!!! thank you!
the family that is in need can use anything and everything that anyone has to give, they have set up a donation drop off at the Trails Inn bar,just ask for Mel. The have young kids so they need little + 98 more characters
every time i try to put a link up it shortens/alters my url so then when you click on the link it says error..... how do i stop it from doing this?
how do i make this picture appear larger than it is right now?
this is not a rumor it is true, and she was very lucky to have escaped with the injuries that she has, She is a very strong young lady and my heart goes out to you hun!! if you need anything at all, j + 17 more characters
bahaha i love how everyone feels so judgemental! there are instances where cops can pull a person over for no real reason, everyone makes mistakes ..blah blah blah, the point of the matter is, it all + 820 more characters
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