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As a geologist, I am a bit biased, but I though this was way cool.
Just when you think Republicans can't get any dumber.....BAM! I just love it. A gambling website set the over/under on how many lies Trump would tell during his 9 minute speech on the border wall Tues + 414 more characters
One of my Trump-loving Republican friends called me out for calling Trump a liar last night, saying I get my "facts" from CNN or CNBC. No, I rely on the fact checkers from Fox News to confirm that Tru + 14 more characters
P.S. Larry, that is some awesome coding!
Anyone planning on watching President Cheetoh lie on national television tomorrow night? I would like to see a small screen of him, with a larger screen showing a fact checker saying "wrong" over ever + 230 more characters
Get with the program Lenny.
I can't question you for that decision, Larry, but I was hoping to let RR01's ranting to go on as long as the government shutdown continues. My larger point being, look at the thoughts that goes into + 431 more characters
The sad thing is that 38% of this country sneer at knowledge and facts.
1. The number of successful illegal entries along the southwest border has decreased 90% since 2000.
2. Two-thirds of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. entered this country legally, but have oversta + 383 more characters
Poll: what have you been huffing on a regular basis to think spending billions of dollars to construct a wall between the United States and Mexico is a great idea? Please post your answer below. (a) + 36 more characters
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It's just our Republican science at work, folks. All explained here.
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