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Thanks for the tips, Don. I will look for the Delicta squash. I personally far prefer butternut over buttercup squash, but everyone has their own tastes.
A shout out to the 12 Republican senators who voted for the Constitution of the United States over Agent Orange. Needless to say, Steve Daines wasn't one of them.
Here in Helena, I slept in this morning, and drove out with the dog at 10 am to go ice fishing at Black Sandy on Hauser Lake. When I got there, it was -3. When I left at 2 pm it was 6. I didn't get a + 163 more characters
Yep. Trump can no wrong as long as he's sticking it to the libs.
Ummm....declaring a national emergency to thwart the authority of Congress to allocate federal spending? A real life Constitutional crisis? Did you have a stroke, Oddjob? Are you sitting in a wheelcha + 121 more characters
I urge everyone who believes the Constitution of the United States of America is the law of the land, to call, email, text, social media, whatever, to Senator Daines that Montanans believe in abiding + 279 more characters
If a liar calls another liar a liar, is that a double negative that equals a positive? Does that mean the second liar might be telling the truth? To put it mathematically... a - (-a) = a + a = 2a Or, + 493 more characters
It should be noted that New York Times v. Sullivan was a unanimous 9-0 decision. That's how far out of whack Clarence Thomas is.
2007 - Spygate 2015 - Deflategate 2019 - Ejacugate
This is an excellent idea. url “We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something,” the petition description read. Positives I see: national health care legal w + 82 more characters
I feel so much safer knowing that President Trump is managing this emergency crisis from the golf course at Mar-a-Lago this weekend.
I would place Trump's dot on the line between stupid and bandit.
Trump just sat down on his golden toilet and wiped his a$$ with our Constitution.
At least, Oddjob, you had an option of doing a paper PR. That doesn't exist in Oracle. J.D. Edwards does sound a lot like Oracle's "iProcurement". A couple of pages of byzantine forms to fill out, wit + 430 more characters
One of the more amusing anecdotes that Rev. Fitz spoke about was this: "The internees would go to the creek and catch a catfish. They would skin it, cut the meat up into small pieces, place them on to + 68 more characters
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The subject line should cause all millenials to skip this. I just spent an hour trying to download a music CD to iTunes on my computer, and finally have given up. What once seemed like a trivial task, + 929 more characters
Just be thankful that Donald Trump is president, otherwise we'd all be speaking North Korean by now.
That is funny as f÷ck. Best part is the tiny strip of electrians tape over where his nether parts are.
Man, that was about the worst Super Bowl I've ever seen. Goff is just terrible.
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