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I have been a U.S. Bank customer since 1989. While I agree that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, especially post-pandemic, what I like about them is that they are run by a bunch of M + 423 more characters
I do believe it is this weekend. How about some webcam links, schedule of events, etc for us who will not make this sacred event? Is Amorette flipping pancakes at the Range Rider's museum? What carpet + 92 more characters
One would think the PSC would deny this request. After all, the PSC commissioners are all Republicans and care more about the consumers than the energy corporations, true?
So today Fox News fires Tucker Carlson, while CNN fires Don Lemon. Reminds me of Newton's 3rd law: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." It also points out the difference between + 209 more characters
I agree, Tommy, but truth be told, when I saw the title of your post I was sure it was going to be another Rob Shipley rant against the IRS.
Statement from President Joe Biden on Easter: Jill and I join Christians around the world in celebrating Easter Sunday, a day of hope and joy, renewal and rebirth. It marks the end of Lent, a period o + 1394 more characters
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Here is proof why Trump took Montana with 60% of the vote.
Trump indicted! Jerry Erlenbusch and the rest of you MAGA idiots...better open your wallets and get your checks sent to the Orange Cheeto now to help his campaign, as the first quarter of fundraising + 14 more characters
Fox News, OANN, and the like have rotted the brains of perfectly normal Miles Citians, like feeding raw sugar to 2-year olds.
I too remember the old Airport Inn, liked the ambience, but above all, I loved devouring their finger steaks. One of the first things I ever tried to cook, was replicating finger steaks in 1980 when I + 424 more characters
That picture of the late Chuck and Allan is truly a Leave it to Beaver moment.
Awesome story, Dave, of Miles City of yesteryear. Freely admit I never heard of Dibble Motors, sounds like Gribble pest control. And....your dad was 6 feet?!? What happened to you and Don?
Those dummies also have proposed that only scientific fact, not theory, be taught in schools. That means the Theory of Relativity in physics, and the theory of plate tectonics in geology, cannot be ta + 491 more characters
The Chinese are uncovering the secrets of 19th century oil refineries. We are doomed.
I agree with Willie and Warren. Although Willie isn't rock n roll, looking at the earlier inductees that doesn't seem to matter. Sheryl Crow maybe, but Cindy Lauper? Meh. I'd rather focus on who's no + 205 more characters
Back in the 70s, I kiddingly called Eric "Gene: in reference to another famous bass player of the day, although Eric's tongue wasn't early long enough. True story: In 1980 or so I was on my way back f + 358 more characters
Mexican word of the day: Dallas That was Dallas game the Cowboys are going to play this season.
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