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Scorching Hot 29 seconds ago
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It's supposed to get to 102°F here today in Helena. That's way too hot for the middle of June. But at least we have avoided the earlier bout of hot weather that hit Miles City. Curious, I looked up th + 310 more characters
Nancy better watch out, or she might get her tit in the wringer.
RE: Eagles 10 days ago
in Feature Requests
I'm kinda amazed there are 3 of them in the nest. Seems like a large brood.
Curiosity had me look to see where Ship picked up his conspiracy theory that the 16th amendment is illegal. Ship, as you all know, sucks down conspiracy theories like a catfish biting on a chicken liv + 765 more characters
Rob, if you truly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, you can't pick and choose what amendments you support or deny. The 16th amendment has been ratified and is the law. You s + 189 more characters
I find it comical that "the crooked cop you all know and despise" is now "my boy". I couldn't tell you the name of a single Miles City policeman. I haven't been to Miles City since 2019. In my years l + 307 more characters
I am just waiting for the first indictment of the Trump crime organization. Popcorn is waiting.....and maybe....heh heh.....a BLT!
First DJanssen and now Ship....seems like everyone is off their meds today.
When I think of the tallest structure in Montana, some antenna doesn't come to mind. I think of the largest standing masonry structure in the world, the 585 foot Anaconda smelter stack. It is so big y + 407 more characters
I don't think so. I regularly converse with several people who have lived in Miles City all their lives, and can assure you that not every one in Miles City are Trump-loving dummies.
Just to add to the collective. I am about the same age as Richard. I was not ever sitting in a Miles City bar in the 1970s. But I certainly do remember buying liquor to go from the bars since I was 16 + 96 more characters
It just shows how morally bankrupt the Republican party has become. The Party of Lying Liars. Lying liars who love to tell lies and the morons who love them. Meanwhile, the morons sit at home soaking + 107 more characters
Agreed. I liked my fellow Montanans a lot more before half the population came down with Foxitis.
They elected that asshat because there is nothing a Montana Republican loves more than a rich out-of-state carpetbagger. "But....he's no politician! He's a businessman! He knows how to create jobs! De + 11 more characters
I feel your pain. I dislike Jersey Greg as well. All he did in the last legislative session was to promote division and restrict individual freedom.
Hal, that always baffled me. I always saw it as moderates/right/far right, with a few token lefties. But I have always been singled out by the right wing contingent here as a progressive liberal, even + 439 more characters
Hal, I don't think "prominent' is the best adjective to describe Eric Brandt's posts here. I would choose 'infamous'. That said, I feel sorry for him for his current degree of mental illness.
I voted this down because if you look at the shameful doings of the Montana legislature and Jersey Greg, and throw in Freedom Caucus member Maryland Matt, the last thing that today's Montana voters sh + 55 more characters
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Ike! Glad to see you are still kicking. I was wondering about you the other day. We miss you on the political discussion, as a reasoned conservative voice has been missing. Ship, I applaud your attem + 108 more characters