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In other GOP news, the Montana Secretary of State's office has paid outside law firms $1.2 million to fend off lawsuits brought about by the voter suppression bills passed by the 2021 Montana legislat + 237 more characters
Sorry to hear of Chuck's passing. I always enjoyed his posts on this forum, even though he was a conservative nitwit. My thoughts go out to the Schott family
At least I am consistent. Back in 2009, I wanted to get a job with the federal government to be on one of Obamacare's death panels.
I am such a douchebag.
Sorry, Dick, but I am going to have to join Bridgier here on this one. A "well-informed voter" would never have voted for Donald Trump in 2016. If a well-informed voter disliked Hillary Clinton, said + 600 more characters
Heh...I kinda felt bad after sweeping all 5 categories so I quit entering after that. The only reason I entered was because one of the judges, Larry Grant, wanted to drink my beer. Last beer competiti + 159 more characters
This pretty much sums it up.
Really? Jerry Erlenbusch told me I was an idiot because I did not read these "epoch" tomes of moronic thought.
I understand that the FBI was hoping to find confidential top secret government documents in Trump's safe, but instead only found the pee-pee tape.
Ditto with what Bridgier said. I thoroughly enjoyed Jeri's posts over the years. I know she was a friend of my mother, who sends her condolences.
The phrase batsheet crazy comes to mind.
I finally made it back to Miles City last week for a little fishing and hit the Otium brewery Thursday evening. Very nice. The Irish Red was excellent, both IPAs were delicious, but what really impres + 526 more characters
Sorry, Frank, but I knew Dave had an Imgur account and didn't know you had one too.
I see they have revised the prediction for the Yellowstone to peak at midday Friday with a peak of 15 feet, one foot over flood stage. Hope those folks who live along the north dike are prepared.
Wow. I have been glued to the internet, watching the flood news coming from the upper Yellowstone River and its tributaries. Red Lodge is a mess. Rock Creek is flowing down Main Street. Many bridges w + 918 more characters
It's sad to see how many people voted for Maryland Matt. The Big Lie is alive and well in the eastern district.
Connors should rent that, and use it to house his old Miles City cronies when they visit Seattle.
Personally, I prefer to refer to Trump not as the President, but as the Traitor, given his never-ending efforts to overturn our Constitution. In the colonial America, he would have been hanged, drawn + 14 more characters
If we need guns to defend ourselves, then why did the National Rifle Association prohibit it's members from packing heat to this week's convention in Texas, the land of free carrying?
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