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That was pretty good. Now something to cheer us up.
Okay, here you go. url url
Four Senate Republicans (one of them being Leningrad Lindsey) are holding up passage of the COVID 19 relief package because they are afraid that once people who have been laid off get a check from the + 789 more characters
President Trump has informed us that all social distancing restrictions will be lifted by Easter, so go ahead with your regularly scheduled Easter Egg hunt and subsequent holiday celebration. Remember + 30 more characters
Excellent op-ed piece by Paul Krugman on why Trump is such a colossal failure. url I love how his travel ban list of countries conveniently omits countries where he owns a hotel or golf course.
I love the Orange Dotard's address to the nation last night. "It's the EU's fault!" That sure settled down Wall Street as the markets continue to spiral downward today. The three largest COVID-19 clus + 437 more characters
I find Libertarians to be honest, truthful folks and admire them immensely. You can bet your last dollar that if Libertarians were running this country, we wouldn't have a national debt of $23 TRILLIO + 147 more characters
The tall guy in the middle looks like a total geek.
The flood of 1964 was indeed pretty bad. But flooding in Montana is localized, due to the size of the state. The 1964 flood was probably the worst that Great Falls had ever seen. For Missoula, it was + 19 more characters
To answer Trump's question, "what a-hole is in charge of this?"...............WHITE-HAIRED GUY!!!
Agreed. What blows my mind are self-professed Christians who love Trump. They are going to a lake of fire to fry. I don't think we will see them again on the Fourth of July.
I love the quote, "Every female on the newsroom staff at the Star went through the recipes again and again..." Amorette? Any comment?
I blame it all on Garth Brooks.
Holy ugly brushpopper shirt!
Agreed, Earl is a pretty smart guy.
Who are you and why did you hijack Rob Shipley's account?
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