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So, as all of us capable of intelligent thought all along knew, Trump is not a fabulously wealthy billionaire. Instead, he has squandered his Daddy's estate on disastrous get rich quick schemes, resul + 607 more characters
I'm about in the same place.
Arrgh, I hate it when I have to agree with Jerry. Yes on nuclear power plants.
Donald Trump has paid for more abortions than your dog has had.
Republicans are such POSs. No moral values whatsoever.
Good time to get caught up with Randy Rainbow.
But abortion is ok.[/quote] How many abortions do you think Trump has paid for over the years? I would set the over and under at 2.5.
Rejecting science again, Jerry? I feel the hate flowing through your soul. Don't be a science hater, Jerry. Reject Trumpism and join the rest of us looking forward to a more magnificent nation.
I love how this esteemed publication has made its first presidential endorsement ever, in its 175 years of existence. For Joe Biden, of course, and against Trump, who doesn't believe in science. Trump + 37 more characters
Der der der.
What a dumba$$ you are. Since half the state already voted by absentee ballot, please inform us on how this is any different.
Jerry says: Apparently Jerry hasn't heard of the Proud Boys. This neo-fascist Trump suppport group smacks of the brownshirts movement in Germany in the early 1930s. We students of history know too we + 172 more characters
Someone of the Trumpian persuasion needs to explain this to me. In 2016, under President Obama, the country was at peace. Yet Trump ran a campaign to bring back law and order. Four years later, riotin + 257 more characters
Trump's report card on keeping his campaign promises from 2016, since this apparently is a cornerstone of his "Promises Kept" campaign. Warning: it isn't pretty. url
Apparently the Orange Douche Bag is suing the State of Montana for allowing counties to decide if they want to hold the November 3 election by mail-in ballots only. url What a tool. The Governor has n + 367 more characters
Tourist walks into a Louisiana bar. After studying the drink menu, he says "I dunno..... guess I'll have a Corona and two Hurricanes." Bartender says, "Twenty twenty coming right up!"
Awesome. Thanks for posting that, Tommy.
RNC gave us mixed messages last week. First message: Joe Biden helped pass a 1990s bill (no Republican bothered to mention that it had huge Republican support) that was tough on crime - 3 strikes your + 929 more characters
Ann Coulter thinks the kid should be president. What a weird world we live in. I truly believe social media rots brains.
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