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I admit, if it involves recalling a campy joke that was posted here 14 years ago, you will defeat me every time.
A woman brings a very limp chicken into a veterinary surgeon. As she lays her beloved pet chicken on the table, the vet puts his steth-oscope to the bird’s chest and listens carefully. A moment later + 1740 more characters
What I like best about that picture, is that the sampler tray appears to consist of real-sized pours, not the usual 3-4 oz. glasses* that most breweries provide for a sampler. _______________________ + 121 more characters
Excellent excerpt from former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner's forthcoming book. url As I have maintained for a while, the Republicans started to go insane when a black man was elected + 389 more characters
Crickets...... This either means that (a) the good people of Miles City are staying home because the pandemic is not over yet and people still need to get vaccinated; or (b) M&H has an incredible sale + 37 more characters
Those of us who don't live in Miles City anymore would like to hear about the new brewery in town from the locals. What's good? What's not?
Upvote for mentioning Miles City's most famous citizen.
And so.... Sleepy Joe, did live up to his sarcastic nickname, as he bored the press to tears with wonky facts. Unlike the Orange Dotard, who just spewed lies. So happy he is president. A search of thi + 76 more characters
Not this time. I've always been pro-coal, pro-oil & gas (I'm a Montana tech grad, its in my blood). There's a looming giant cleanup bill associated with Colstrip. Seems like keeping it up and running + 111 more characters
Amorette, I certainly see your point. But on the other hand, why not pay welfare for Colstrip? We just fished out $1.8 billion in welfare. Having some backup electric capacity seems like a good idea g + 203 more characters
I like how the towering intellect of eastern Montana conservatism, Jerry Erlenbusch, has been replaced by Ship here. We libtards don't stand a chance against such deep thinkers.
Not a terrible idea, but I do enjoy reading posts where Bridgier calls out procreateing idiots. The lack of the drop of the "e" after the suffix is attached makes clear the poster's intentions.
On behalf of all of us posters with an intelligence quotient above 70, thank you Larry! I see that the Orange Dotard is starting his own social media network. I hope Jerry Erlenbusch and + 59 more characters
Thank you for your input, Jerry. As we are all socialists, we greatly appreciate input from our special friends.
I think the general policy here is to discourage addiction to methamphetamine.
While this is true, Hal, Montana man and other state's men's crimes don't seem to be nearly as spectacular as those of Florida man.
Florida Man makes an appearance in Montana! 78-pound meth bust near Columbus gets prison time for Florida man url
Tom, part of Jerry's illiteracy is that not only can he not write, he also can't read.
I've seen drones shoot a lot of amazing videos, but this is absolutely incredible. Well worth 90 seconds to watch. url
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