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You know, for the Party of Less Government, Republicans sure do a good job of shoving government into people's lives.
Dave, are trying to get DJanssen to go off his meds again?
This a thousand times over. Flaming progressive liberal, or someone of moderate views, if they came on here babbling like this idiot, I would be all over them as well. 9 oh 6 films dude, what is you + 229 more characters
Another one who never met Hal in person, but loved interacting with him on this forum. I especially enjoyed our homebrewing and fishing banter, as well as our common interest in history. Hal was a tru + 18 more characters
My wife and I went and watched this Christmas movie yesterday. I highly recommend it.
What is breathtaking here, is that DJanssen, once he sobers up, cannot reread his posts and see how totally incomprehensible they are to people who are used to reading the English language. Once again + 355 more characters
I have already commented months ago that I believe DJanssen is either on alcohol, opioids, or both. Now I suspect fentanyl is in the mix Dude, your post makes absolutely no sense. How about coming ba + 50 more characters
Can't argue with your points, Tommy. But I would prefer the government to become functional again over the enjoyment I would have eating popcorn as the House Republicans crap all over themselves once + 5 more characters
Congratulations to Kevin McCarthy and other moderate Republicans in the House of Representatives in forming a coalition with the Democrats to pass a stopgap measure to avoid shutting down the federal + 380 more characters
The federal government will shut down in a couple of days because of the House Republicans. What did the House Republicans do today to avoid this crisis? They held a Biden impeachment hearing. No evid + 710 more characters
Amorette, you should think about starting a Fund Me whatever for this. I'm sure many of us former residents would contribute.
So what's the terrain looking like in eastern Montana? Here in Helena, the grasses are as tall as I've ever seen. We were worried about fires in July, then August was extremely wet. Monday I toured so + 311 more characters
Curious on your history pieces, Amorette. I would subscribe if I thought it would be worth the price of a Star subscription. My memories of the history pieces of the Star were from living in MC back i + 368 more characters
"Let's add a little treason".... winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Yep, COVID is back. I know two people who went to a conference in Chicago, both came back with COVID. A neighbor's daughter flew to Scotland this month to visit her sister, and the whole family came d + 126 more characters
Did someone mention...Bud Light?
Hopefully will end up in prison before the 2024 election.. Georgia just indicted him, 4th indictment. All you Trump loving maroons, empty your bank accounts and send him cash now! He has spent $30 mi + 211 more characters
Don't forget Trump did nothing to address mental illness while he was in office. His "brand new, beautiful health care” plan was all BS. At least this time around he's not promising any health care or + 355 more characters
Thanks Earl and Amorette. I have been working with Anaconda -Deer Lodge County government for over 20 years, and they have 5 elected commissioners. Now my curiosity has been piqued. How the 56 countie + 219 more characters
Curious, Earl, how many county commissioners are there in Custer County? I know many of the smaller ones only have 3.
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