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I was invited to go on the Smith River trip. Launch was yesterday. Looking at the weather forecast, and knowing it was BHS weekend, I bailed on the trip earlier this week. The rest of the group (10 in + 267 more characters
I think Steve Bullock has about as much of a chance of being elected president as Wilmot Collins has of being elected U.S. senator.
So Donny Tiny Hands has now invoked "Executive Privilege" to prevent Congress from getting their hands on the unredacted report. I am confused. If the Mueller report completely exonerates Trump, then + 43 more characters
The Burma Shave signs were a little before my time. The ones I remember well, that were in a similar vein, were the old "Gil's Got It" signs advertising the Gil's Indian Trading Post in Livingston. Th + 287 more characters
I can just imagine the lies coming out of THAT..... "I promise I won't privatize any of your wonderful VA health care."
Very true, Bob. But how does one categorize? Is the statement "Countless people in the FBI told me..." an alternative fact or a slip of the tongue? It certainly couldn't be a lie, as it was uttered by + 188 more characters
It concludes that Donald Trump is a liar. What an earth-shattering revelation.
I hope you're right, Snowy. We could stand some higher quality cashiers at the Town Pump. Which reminds me of a true story. Last year I went into one of our Town Pumps. They keep their bait fridge beh + 681 more characters
I propose that we amend the Colstrip bill, and let the ratepayers subsidize the community, but everyone who works as a miner or a power plant worker and gets a paycheck thanks to this bill also has to + 307 more characters
The thread Hal started on how Kinsey began as a Federal government communist project to create a farmer commune makes me think about the current bill in the Montana state legislature to turn Colstrip + 219 more characters
RE: Kinsey one month ago
in History & Genealogy
That certainly qualifies as way back time. Cue in Peabody and Sherman.
RE: Kinsey one month ago
in History & Genealogy
Thanks for the link, Hal. Great article. I had no idea that Kinsey was born as a Socialist Utopia.
I give you Trump supporters credit. You have given me, a member of what you morons call the liberal elite, a reason to live. Laughing at your knuckle dragging mouthbreathing stupidity cheers me up eve + 41 more characters
Why would you want to do that? That is awesome!
A real job like, say, land developer con artist or reality TV host?
Looks like a chunk of chalcedony to me.
Blah blah blah Hillary. Blah blah blah Benghazi. Why don't you start your own Clinton thread, Snowflake, where all your "patriot" friends can join you?
Hmmm.......mulling on the crime family nickname for Donald Trump Jr. Fortunately for us law-abiding citizens, the internet remains a treasure trove of existing nicknames for these eventual prisoners. + 168 more characters
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