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I don't know about you, but I think I am ready for an arctic vacation.
Q. What is two miles long and has an I.Q. of 6? A. A Sons of Norway parade. As an American of Swedish descent, I cannot resist chance at poking fun at our former and slower vassals.
I have to give Rob kudos for staying above the fray. I hope some of the good people of Miles City buys some of the fine items he has for sale in the classified section.
Yeah, Bridgier, you damn junkie. What are you high on, anyway? Heroin? Meth? PCP? Angel Dust?
Totally the Senate Race Slacker.
Yes, the Sheffield Road coulees are the ones that come to mind for disposal of old crap in 1968.
Great video. Thanks for posting that. Larry. A couple of reminisces: In the mid 2000s, my company held its Christmas party at the YWCA (very bad idea). Max Pigman was in the local band whom we hired t + 644 more characters
Not Sarah Childress Polk?
I am so old and of touch, I have never heard of Avengers: Endgame. But I am happy that the producers have good taste in music. When I think of the Avengers, this comes to mind:
Awesome. I have never heard that song. Thanks for the link, Dave. The Kinks might be the greatest underrated band of all time.
I heard this lost classic from the Kinks on KGLT this morning. If you like rock and roll and have never heard this song, you are in for a treat.
To think he aspired to be a Miles City councilman. Lo, how the mighty have fallen.
Well, it looks like Eric Brandt has officially gone off the deep end.
Three cheers to my hero, Nancy Pelosi, for reigning in those mindless commie twits.
Except Trump doesn't read books. That's what the elites do.
I find it amazing that anyone who calls themselves a Christian can support a despicable human being like Donald Trump. If there's any who violates the teachings of Jesus Christ on a regular basis, it' + 13 more characters
Truly Jobie is the Walt Whitman of the bovine world.
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