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I agree with Willie and Warren. Although Willie isn't rock n roll, looking at the earlier inductees that doesn't seem to matter. Sheryl Crow maybe, but Cindy Lauper? Meh. I'd rather focus on who's no + 205 more characters
Back in the 70s, I kiddingly called Eric "Gene: in reference to another famous bass player of the day, although Eric's tongue wasn't early long enough. True story: In 1980 or so I was on my way back f + 358 more characters
Mexican word of the day: Dallas That was Dallas game the Cowboys are going to play this season.
Eh, I like Jon Tester. I appreciate all the work he does for our veterans.
I wouldn't hold my breath about getting an apology from Rick K.
Joe Biden has done an excellent job as president in this divided nation. The bipartisan Build Back Better and inflation reduction acts have proven to be successful. Our current inflation situation is + 185 more characters
Ha ha, far right a$$hat and noted pervert Matt Gaetz just voted for Trump on the 7th vote. What a pathetic loser.
I am loving that Kevin McCarthy's election to be Speaker of the House is in peril due to 9 Republicans wanting additional concessions, and 4 ultra far right Republicans just saying no, including notor + 642 more characters
Merry Christmas to all my Miles City friends and former residents! Wishing all of you the best for the New Year.
Ha, I expected a downvote from Richard since I obviously was trolling him, but was expecting more like an angry retort. I guess when the truth hits too close to home, there isn't a lot more to say.
I heard that tickets in Denver for last week's Broncos-Cardinals game were being resold for as low as $10. That trade for Russell Wilson is looking terrible. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles are 13- + 18 more characters
A day that will live in infamy!
Herschel Walker was just asked if he was ready to give his concession speech. He replied, "Yes, two hot dogs and a coke, please."
The Associated Press calls it for Warnock. That this race was even close, is a sad reflection of our country. Herschel Walker would have probably won in Montana. We are a nation of morons.
To me, green chile and turkey is a match made in heaven. Both originated in the southwestern U.S. I pretty sure the Anasazi combined turkey and green chile a thousand years ago. The mayo turkey recip + 614 more characters
I made my favorite turkey leftover dinner tonight.. Turkey green chile enchiladas!One hindquarter was all I needed (dark meat is the best for turkey enchiladas). What's everyone's favorite way to use + 323 more characters
Republicans just hold their nose and will vote for this morally bankrupt, unqualified, and incompetent individual for they place party over country. No agenda, its all about owning the libs. What abou + 26 more characters
Republicans are such two faced hypocrites. Many of them ran on platforms of reducing the national debt and addressing inflation. Now, it's all about forming investigativs committees. So pathetic.
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