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I see they have revised the prediction for the Yellowstone to peak at midday Friday with a peak of 15 feet, one foot over flood stage. Hope those folks who live along the north dike are prepared.
Wow. I have been glued to the internet, watching the flood news coming from the upper Yellowstone River and its tributaries. Red Lodge is a mess. Rock Creek is flowing down Main Street. Many bridges w + 918 more characters
It's sad to see how many people voted for Maryland Matt. The Big Lie is alive and well in the eastern district.
Connors should rent that, and use it to house his old Miles City cronies when they visit Seattle.
Personally, I prefer to refer to Trump not as the President, but as the Traitor, given his never-ending efforts to overturn our Constitution. In the colonial America, he would have been hanged, drawn + 14 more characters
If we need guns to defend ourselves, then why did the National Rifle Association prohibit it's members from packing heat to this week's convention in Texas, the land of free carrying?
I can't agree with any of them outside of Judas Priest, and they are marginal at best This class proves that rock is dead.
So, now we have a new mystery: Why does Larry hate Europeans?
No, we have had many instances of 2 plus feet of snow falling down here, aand no where else, and I have texted similar pictures that my MC friends have sent me today. I just can't recall a similar sto + 327 more characters
Friends of mine in Miles City have been texting me pictures of huge piles of snow. Ouch. Just remember, we need the moisture. Worst thing about this storm, it must be hard on the newborn calves. Here + 312 more characters
DJanssen you are either drunk or on drugs, giving your posting patterns. It matters not, whether you are an ultra liberal or ultra conservative, all opinions are welcomed here for debate. The fact of + 505 more characters
Personally, I am sad that the latest meth cook is now available in Minnesota.
Ice fishing today Landed a really fat trout Dinner tomorrow
Good for Dolly. She obviously has more common sense than the Hall.
Would it make you happier if I changed lay off the meth to put the crack pipe down?
Ummm....because Putin has nuclear weapons and is a war criminal?
Not only is today Fat Tuesday, and Sleepy Joe (God bless him) is giving the State of the Union speech tonight, it is also March 1. Which means it is the start of another month of trivia: + 50 more characters
I personally don't think "DJanssen" is drunk when he posts here. I totally think it is meth. It is the ability to spell that separates him from those who are, unfortunately, stupid from birth like the + 219 more characters
I hope our military supplies can reach the Ukrainians and help them take back their country. I am pessimistic that they can hold Kiev, but I am hoping the resistance will be much more than they can de + 259 more characters
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