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It has certainly been a whirlwind of Executive Orders. I will cherry pick one out and add my commentary. Please feel free to comment and add to your own. url I completely disagree. Let free markets de + 260 more characters
Joe Biden found this note that his predecessor left behind, as is the custom.
Should The Donald pardon the Capitol rioters because they are True Patriots who were just trying to Stop the Steal? OR Should he let them be prosecuted they really are not Trump supporters, they are A + 212 more characters
Hay-zeus, just how many QAnon dummies live in Miles City anyway? Is Billings dumping something into the Yellowstone river to poison your drinking water????
I am not attacking your parents, Jerry. Rather, I am questioning your decisions in your younger days to huff that gasoline soaked rag behind the garage. You made those decisions when you were in you w + 214 more characters
Excellent post. The way The Donald brainwashed kindly but simpleton morons like JerryE and ronaldr should be a criminal offense. Taking advantage of those lacking in proper mental facultative processe + 389 more characters
You can believe anything you want to, but it boils down to this: There is the truth, and there are facts. There is no such thing as "alternative facts", despite Kellyanne Conway's claim otherwise. Whe + 185 more characters
They have a civic responsibility to flag lies. They repeatedly warned liars of their lying, flagging them with "read our freaking rules about lying', then at some point they punish the violators by ba + 685 more characters
Believe it or not, I kinda feel sorry for white-haired guy. 5 years of being an a$$kissing sycophant, only to lose it all at the end.
Now that his term is nearly over, it's time to imagine what Trump's presidential library will look like. I think Rudy Guiliani may have discovered the perfect model for it, when he held his press conf + 478 more characters
Steve, unless that YouTube has received the QAnon seal of approval, he isn't going to watch that. I am thinking Jerry's cell has bigger fish to fry right now, given their current insurrection, rather + 113 more characters
I am happy to see that the business community, who are quite conservative, has turned on these traitors. Excellent piece in Forbes: url
Woman trampled to death at U.S. Capitol held flag that read, “Don’t tread on me” I am starting to think of all the armed insurrections to overthrow our government (Whiskey Rebellion, Aaron Burr, Civil + 386 more characters
....and died of a heart attack. Apparently he placed his taser in between his thighs so he could use both hands to steal a picture in the Capitol building. When he lifted the picture, his thighs squee + 716 more characters
Jerry is probably scouring the Internets trying to find a YouTube that clearly proves those weren't Trump supporters, they were Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters to make them look like terrorists. + 274 more characters
Don't give up your day job.
In another thread, Amorette asked "What should be the Biden administration's first priorities?" In this thread, it became clear to me. Health care must be reformed to increase mental health funding to + 146 more characters
Petition to recall Daines: url Petition for Rosendale to resign: url [Edited by Gunnar Emilsson (1/7/2021 3:18:36 PM)]
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