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Couldn't agree with you more. That elected representatives in the federal government are wiping their tuckuses with the Constitution of the United States of America concerns me to no end. Every Americ + 60 more characters
Thanks. Looks to be a tough match up. Go Cowboys!
So Shu and Dave, I take it that the Cowboys are playing Laurel at home next weekend for the Class A state championship. I am also assuming that the Cowboys handed Laurel their earlier loss this year. + 279 more characters
It has been a rough week for the Trump crime family.
Glad to see Kentucky voters reject Trumpism after last nights big rally of Dishonest Don, Moscow Mitch, and Rand can't hold his father's jockstrap Paul supporting now defeated Governor Matt Bevin.
I + 237 more characters
Green River was an old timey soda. John Fogerty said it inspired him to name the song after it.
It is indeed a sad moment. Jobie truly was one of a kind. I can't think of any words to say, so I will leave Jobie a fitting tribute. The greatest cow song of all time.
Trump is going to be impeached by the House, but no way will he be removed from office by the Senate. There are not 20 Republican senators who have the cojones to vote for removal. It is pretty clear + 292 more characters
I agree, I am left speechless by anyone who would say that the choice is between Trump and Socialism. I couldn't think of how to engage someone possessing such an intellect. If such a viewpoint repres + 189 more characters
As a moderate, I feel Dave's pain, as the "free stuff for all" espoused by the far left goes against my beliefs. It dismays me that the more moderate candidates in both parties, with the exception of + 763 more characters
I am sorry to hear that Brian is posting on Facebook instead of here. I miss his posts, but not enough to sell my soul to Zuckerberg.
Speaking of statesmen..... - Senator Mitt Romney, R - Utah. Mitt Romney is a true Republican. Those of you who call yourselves Republicans but support Trump are nothing but Russian patsies/RINO + 57 more characters
I was in eastern Montana this past weekend hunting antelope with a fine group of upstanding Miles City conservatives. They were of the opinion that Trump makes his own mess, but he is getting "good th + 591 more characters
More proof emerges that Trump is totally off his rocker.
url The Number One bestseller. The reviews are most excellent.
No J. Geils Band? That is a complete and utter travesty. Here's who I think should get in. As many years of this have shown, what I think and what the voters in the hall think are totally different. D + 18134 more characters
Gotta love the white-haired guy. Unless you are gay.
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