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I once got suspended for planting a glove on a hideously ugly macramé piece on the wall leading to the second stairs, by Principal Don McClennan, who told my parents and I that he had referred the cas + 25 more characters
Coincidentally, last night TNT ran the 1941 movie "They Died With Their Boots On", starring Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland. A totally fictional recounting of Custer's life. I have never seen such + 64 more characters
....and Richard gives me grief for posting old jokes.
In this day of the Woke, where many Confederate statues are being tumbled and named features by early settlers are being frequently renamed*, I am asking to the collective here: Custer County? By all + 879 more characters
I can't say I have ever been "proud" of a president. "Support" would be a more appropriate term. Similarly, I never thought of being "ashamed" of a president....but that was before Trump. Trump was th + 451 more characters
Yes. Because he is not a miserable lying piece of excrement trying to overthrow our government. Next question?
Personally, I am a huge fan of the toys that came from Mainway Industries.
Oops, I forgot a footnote. P.S. Contrary to what the Pillow salesman has told you, Dishonest Don the Angry Orange Con is not being reinstated as president this month. So quit molesting your nieces and + 29 more characters
Dear brain-washed morons: Please get vaccinated so we can end this pandemic. Your friend, Gunnar
Sorry you aren't getting any responses. I guess most of us know how to cook.
Nice. Now, Mr. Historical Research Hot Schott, explain to us the relationship (if there is one) between James Kenney, founder of the Montana, and today's latter day most famous Miles Citian, Bobby Ken + 4 more characters
RE: Eagles 2 months ago
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Well, this is really crappy news. I had enjoyed watching them occasionally this spring/summer, and my wife was hooked on it.
This is what I am finding concerning. All along I just thought your rambling posts were from someone who was drunk, taking drugs, or was just old. Now I see you were of the Class of 1983, so old age + 108 more characters
I think that song that Lyle plays and sings should be the Official City Song.
Feels like -113°F.
Yes, they were all spotted wearing white sheets and robes at the Trump rally in Ohio Saturday.
Continuing on with the humor theme of this forum, I was laughing at this review of a Wisconsin Republican's suck-up toady letter to Trump. url
Excellent article in The Atlantic on how Moscow Mitch persuaded Attorney General William Bar to come forth and state that the U.S. Justice Department found that there was no evidence of voter fraud in + 1090 more characters
Once again, you are totally missing the point. There is no issue. It is something made up by Trump and his cast of thieves in states where they lost. Let's try to spoon feed it to you. There is no is + 192 more characters
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