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I am so onboard with Tammy Duckworth. Extremely intelligent. Imagine that, someone who knows what they are doing, instead of a reality television blowhard.
Jerry, you are one pathetic old man. I will include you in my prayers, as my Christian upbringing requires forgiveness for all the most wretched amongst us.
A man came from the borough of Queens Who sold all the dummies magic beans He said "Make us great!" But all he's done was sown hate Forcing us to live beyond our means
Social distancing Masked people do appear like Robbers of freedom
"White Power! White Power!" What an embarrassment.
Governor Steve Bullock's early actions at the start of the pandemic has resulted in Montana being at the bottom of the list of states having COVID 19 casea. Meanwhile, Steve Daines has shirt tailed hi + 241 more characters
Trump is sort of the Nickelback of presidents.
Sort of like the work that illegal immigrants you want to ban and deport do today, isn't it?
Wow, I am agreeing with Cnn on this.
Well, with only a third of the projected crowd showing up as expected might have turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If all projected 20,000 attendees would have shown up, and all of them came do + 65 more characters
I find this 1969 appearance of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on the Tom Jones show on network television to be fascinating. Especially since they allowed Tom to sing one of their hits. On the studio + 205 more characters
New John Bolton book looks to be a good one to help understand Trump. He says every decision Trump makes is made with the calculus of will it help him get re-elected. I believe it. For someone who is + 227 more characters
Any reports of who the cases are? I am guessing 6 new people, it likely a cluster.
He is such a douche bag. I would almost feel sorry for him, if he wasn't POTUS, Read an article recently, that he was ready to fire his son-in-law Jared was on the cover of Time magazine. Apparently, + 460 more characters
If all you holier than thou anti abortion types would just commit to adopt the babies that would be aborted, problem solved. But of course you are all sanctimonious hypocrites so there is no reason to + 47 more characters
Accusing a 75 year old patriot of faking his fall after being whacked by the police. What a tool. What a piece of human excrement. Fvck Trump. Please, anyone who can vote thinking for themselves, vote + 42 more characters
So sad to see this news about Stuart. He was a great guy. I will raise a toast to him tonight.
All Hail your glorious leader, cnn
I heard a great line on NPR yesterday morning: "Is Trump really a dictator, or does he just play one on TV?"
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