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As a 1979 grad, who never wrestled, but knew the coaching program, I totally believe Brian. That wrestling program under Jack Raymond was just creepy. Those wrestlers constantly starving themselves, I + 117 more characters
Az a government contractor, I despise acronyms that are not defined. NP = Northern Pacific, predecssor of the current BNSF railway that runs through town. BNSF = Burlington Northern Sante Fe. The only + 66 more characters
I totally get that one vote in a red state is not going to do anything. But, naïve me, I hope that the next generation will be smarter than us and slowly vote these fascists out of office. Democrats a + 470 more characters
Continue to vote the straight democratic ticket.
I refuse to put on winter tires because: - This is my car, my choice, my freedom. - The effectiveness of winter tires is not proven, except by studies carried out by the tire manufacturers ((like I' + 560 more characters
Merry Christmas to the good people of Miles City and my fellow former Miles City residents. Wishing everyone the best for the New Year.
That indeed is pretty gruesome. I suspect your guess is correct. She was probably tinkering inside a pumphouse on their farm, and most of those had pretty close quarters.
Matt Rosendale is the most reprehensible elected official that I've seen Montana elect on my lifetime. His election completely reinforces my opinion that our state has become overwhelmed by Fox News w + 16 more characters
Although I disagree with around 60 to 70 percent of her politcal positions, I applaud her for standing up for the Constitution and democracy and defending the United States of America against Trump fa + 35 more characters
Terry, that joke was so bad it will live in infamy.
Congratulations to the Griz and Cats for advancing this weekend in the FCS 2nd round playoffs. Griz travel to Virginia to take on James Madison, while the Cats head to Texas to face Sam Houston State. + 492 more characters
...and it is obvious to all that I am an idiot when it comes to Big Sky Conference football. In my defense, I had watched more Griz games than Cat games this year, so I had no clue how bad the Cat off + 162 more characters
As lame as "misinformation" is, I guess I prefer it to the Orange Dotard's other term, "alternative facts."
Having lived in Helena for the past 32 years, I had considered myself to be in western Montana. I was pleasantly surprised that our illustrious politicians have decided to place Helena in the new east + 240 more characters
Griz defense is awesome, Griz offense still stinks. I still stand, Cats by 7.
Buck: url Merle: url Waylon: url Loretta: url George: url Willie: url Johnny: url And last, but not least, Jerry Lee: url
For a friendly internet bet, Terry, I am willing to give 7.
Awesome effort by the Bobcats today to defeat the evil bleeding vagina Empire. I am wagering that that Cats smoke the Griz in two weeks.
I agree. The Far Right are hate-fueled extremists. Last time I checked, the right, moderates, liberals, progressives, etc, haven't overrun the Capitol and tried to install a Far-Right wing dictatorsh + 352 more characters
All I can add to this conversation, is that Republicans suck. And those who will inevitably down vote me, please reply why Republicans don't suck. Because I ain't seeing it.
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