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T. Rex is long overdue. The choice of Whitney Houston leaves me speechless. The only thing Whitney has in common with the greats of rock-n-roll that I can think of, is a mutual fondness for cocaine.
Since my first post, I have now cooked three other meals using the sous vide method: 1. Boneless skinless chicken breast 2. Sockeye salmon fillet 3. Filet Mignon and lobster tail (New Year's Eve!) The + 989 more characters
Great article in the NYT on how the Trump crime family withheld aid to the Ukraine. url Moscow Mitch is going to have a hard time pulling off his acquittal of Trump without having a lot of messy facts + 14 more characters
A year ago for Christmas, my wife gave me a sous vide. It sat in the box for a year. This year for Christmas, my wife gave me several sous vide accessories and cookbooks. Hint, hint. Why I didn't use + 639 more characters
I'm kind of surprised Rob would seek " tens of millions of **** real **** U.S. dollars." He seems more of the type who would prefer checks from the Justus township.
Heard a good analogy this morning about Trump supporters from the editor of Christianity Today, which just came out supporting the removal of Trump (the IMPOTUS) from office. To paraphrase: "Trump sup + 156 more characters
IMPEACHED!!!!! Today is a great day in the defense of our democracy. The lying urine-soaked orange cockroach has been impeached! I don't care if Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey acquits this crimina + 294 more characters
Dalton Sneed was awful. Three of those picks were thrown into triple coverage.
....and Leningrad Lindsey.
This is an excellent read, which I agree with 100%. url We can make this country better, without overturning it inside and out. But the first step is to get rid of the criminals who are currently in c + 6 more characters
I agree, the NATO summit shows that the entire free world is laughing at us and our urine-soaked orange scoundrel of a president. Praise the framers of our constitution to have the foresight to includ + 608 more characters
Have I been brewing? The answer to that question is yes....A LOT. Brewed 10 gallons of strong Belgian golden ale wort and split between two fermentors. Used a saison yeast in one, a tripel yeast in th + 906 more characters
Trump's golf trips are estimated to cost American tax payers $115 million dollars. No estimates are available about how much gets paid to his golf resorts. What a crook. What stupid tools those of you + 43 more characters
Resisting the temptation to down vote both of these posts....
Not again. This is terrible news.
That's most of the team. [/quote] ....and most of Jordan.
That aside, I was somewhat surprised to see how much the Cats controlled the line of scrimmage. Griz definitely need bigger linemen. Of course, it is tough to recruit a big corn fed eastern Montana fa + 76 more characters
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