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I seem to remember a blackout during the war I would really like to know the date. Thank you,
Speaking of World War II I seem to remember Miles City having a blackout I would really like to know what year that happened or was I dreaming?
Happy Birthday Larry have a great day.
I am so sorry that I said stick together I meant of the same mind set.
I agree with the post 100%. I feel like the whole world is going crazy. I am glad that I won't be around to see the final results. I know the 40 or so people that stick together on everything will tot + 67 more characters
Hi, I just got my copy in the mail I love the pictures can't wait to read the book. Thank God for this column. and you too Larry.
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Frank, I wish everyone was as nice as you. I love the pictures too.
I ordered the book it will be here Thursday. Thanks I had expeience with a UFO leaving Great Falls in September 1956 I hope the girl who wrote the book has heard of it.
He is really a wonderful pianist.I had never heard of him,I wonder if he took lessons from Mrs. Benson.
When I was a about 6. We lived across the street from the Gingerys They lived at 1700 Main St. I used to play with one of the daughters Kay the other daughters name was Zoe. That would have been aroun + 46 more characters
Hi Ammorette, I know your are not old enough to remember this could you find out when during WWII we had a blackout in Miles City I can remember mother covering the windows with bedsheets.We lived in + 447 more characters
That was great thanks for sharing.
Happy Birthday Amorette!!
Thank you very much Larry. I may not say a lot but I certainly enjoy the forum.
On South Broadway in Littleton the price has dropped from 3.33 to 3.29. So I guess we are pretty lucky.
Thanks so much for sharing great pictures.
Isn't that the truth. One of my favorites is I Why? Carl Sandberg.
They did one on Great Falls a while back. They also did one on Denver The one they said was in Denver was in Cherry Creek which is pretty close to me. I saw the one last night and could not fathom why + 239 more characters
Seattle is getting a new defensive line coach. Miles City born and raised Todd Wash. I think it will be interesting to see how they do.
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