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Brian, You do a great job with the stats on the Cowboys...Thanks. But I cannot agree with the comments about Butte Central. Being an old Sacred Heart High grad who also played on teams that regularly + 437 more characters
Kircher School has some openings at this time. The Kindergarden class will be be all day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. A bus stops at the Old Dairy Queen parking lot to pick up and returns + 505 more characters
Well maybe Great grains will expand...
Been a Packer fan since I was six. I first watched them with my dad ona B&W TV (couldn't have been bigger than a 19 inch) then one day while at a friends house I seen a couple of books written by Jerr + 1106 more characters
Wow, How could this be allowed on mc.com? To bring up any faults of ther Messiah is, well, it's just not something I would expect. A good leader takes responsibility for the actions on His watch (at + 379 more characters
My first job outside of home was at the 600 Cafe working for Rose Grenz. She was a very strict lady who demanded and recieved the most from her employees. She was fair and honest. As a 12 year old (19 + 1727 more characters
To the Connors family, It is great that you are honoring your father in this way. Dan was a great coach, teacher, and commissioner but most of all he was one heck of a father. He had to be, as he did + 682 more characters
Levi, I am unsure of your military service. Being a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer that served through the Reagan and Clintion administrations, I can tell you quite abit about the Department of Defe + 1323 more characters
This is most excellent. I commend our law enforcement agencies on getting this done. The next step is to seriously begin prosecting all Dealers, Transporters and those suppling ALL illegal drugs. Then + 921 more characters
1960 & 1965 are complete, Still digging on 62, 63, 64 and 66. Its been alot of fun finding out stories from days gone by. It's official...32 teams for the Cowboy. Quite a few state champions from Mont + 449 more characters
Thanks for the info (contacts). I will follow-up and see I can gleen some info from them (the 1960's). I was able to get the 1982 data from Mike Etchemendy today!!!! Mike you are only as old as you fe + 394 more characters
Thanks, but I have got all the info Jack had on hand. Unfortunatly some info has been lost/misplaced over the years. I have been working on this project going on two years and I have found info from v + 315 more characters
Mark your calanders for one of the best Cowboy Invites ever. This year's edition will have all three Billings AA schools, along with powerhouses from Gillette, Bismarck, Sheridan, Glasgow and new powe + 830 more characters
Cory, I think you hit the nail on the head. With the computer age, technology going leaps and bounds, it seems like the days of old are soon to change. The cost difference (no building maintenance, he + 218 more characters
Denise, Do you have a "specific" instance or aquaintence that has performed poorly in/as a homeschool/homeschooler? I may be reading you wrong but that is the "gut feeling" I have. I know that there a + 1876 more characters
My wife and I decided to homeschool our children when we were in the Navy stationed in Guam. A very large percentage of the Military families did the same due to the extremely poor school system on th + 1882 more characters
Ammorette, Actually there was a place on the agenda for citizens to state their concerns. Now I am sure that you have your mind made up and fully believe in your opinion. That is ok by me, I just want + 1082 more characters
I think Jesus said it best, "You without sin throw the first stone". We all miss the mark and make mistakes. Unfortunatly I tend to make way more than I like.
Josh, To say that we should get over it, move on or what have you is not only short sighted but very naive. I suppose you would like us to forget the holocast, after all it was "Just the Jews". Why do + 1432 more characters
David, How about your dad, John. Ran the AAU Wrestling program for years and then came over to Sacred Heart (along with you) and made a great impact on our program. I will never forget Mr. H and his n + 201 more characters
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