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Smiley, Quite the contrary, you are a beautiful young lady! It's always nice to put a face with a name and now I can see why you picked "Smiley". Very befitting of you. You took the high road with th + 332 more characters
Ike, Another success story, definately one you can be proud of. We need more of these kind of happy endings in today's society!!! With a little hard work on the parents part, it can only benefit t + 1259 more characters
Amorette & C.Kee, It's refreshing to read happy endings. The fact that you addressed part of the issue in the article (divorce) without judging others, but yet offering your own personal experience ( + 306 more characters
I am not aware that ANY of the Maas' continue to comment on this site, are you privy to information that the rest of us are not? Scandals, (or airing of dirty laundry) as some of you wish to refer t + 901 more characters
[/quote] Divorce is never easy for anyone. People get hurt, families are torn apart, lives are forever changed, and children often get caught in the middle of an ugly situation.[/quote] In having read + 3190 more characters
I find it odd whenever ANYONE asks for donations on the internet, via cell phone texts, etc. Most of the time when someone needs help paying medical expenses and such, raffles are done, pancake feeds + 1273 more characters
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