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Well said!
Wasn't trying to impress.just proving a point. I would have been disappointed if she missed that one. I just wonder what type of self gratification she gets? I do notice she is very discriminatory on + 332 more characters
Let me help you out a little since you missed that class.LOL Definition of LUDICROUS 1: amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity 2: meriting derisive + 163 more characters
Hey Windy; Your such a liar.I just got on there to see and used a non existent e-mail and poof i was on. Your life must be pretty miserable for you to stoop to this level.Let them have their little si + 87 more characters
Oh my God!Wonder what we did pre-walmart? Personally i would like to see main go back to its original atmosphere before walmart. Hell that's why i decided to move here. Granted there are mice everywhe + 217 more characters
Out Standing!! Its really funny but sad how comedy mirrors real life. Great job
I,ll just put this idea out there. How about combining rec center/play ground and skate-park into one. Might be a good use for the old train station? Could open up some other grant opportunities?
tsar, czar [z?? ts??] n 1. (Historical Terms) (until 1917) the emperor of Russia 2. a tyrant; autocrat 3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Informal a public official charged with responsibility for + 755 more characters
Steve They work great for contractors especially decks and sheetrock where you have to use mass quantities of screws to deal with to secure material. Had one and it really was a time saver and back sa + 164 more characters
The real question should be: Why did this happen in the first place: not : Why now: and what was done if anything to the individuals. It seems from what I've read in past posts and articles that there + 369 more characters
The name you seek is Simpson Honey Farms. I think Mrs Simpson sets up at the farmers market. If not the headquarters is on bridge street where the old moving company used to be.
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