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I think it's put on by the Miles City Womens Club and it might be on the second weekend in Dec. Call Sigrid Laird she would have more information. Her number is the phone book. Hope this help you out.
Last chance to get your raffle tickets for Miles City Garden Club Raffel. Two Raffels - Potting Bench by Linda Klamm and Metal Sculpture Bird Feeder by Jake Klamm Tickets prices 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $ + 326 more characters
Is the play at the VA and what time?
Sorry to hear about Mark. I met Mark and Sherri when I started working at Riggs. When I would take my break I would walk over to the Short Stop. Have a quick chat with Mark then back to work. I would + 155 more characters
Dr Douglas Nuehoff in Billings is great. Dr. Rauh sent me to him years ago for some problems he could not handle. I believe Dr. Nuehoff and Dr. Rauh are fishing buddies. I can't remember what he told + 219 more characters
Contact the Drop in Center in Miles City, MT the Social Securtiy person come there in the morning. I think it's the 1st Wed of the month. They can do all the change there with out having to go to Bil + 6 more characters
Is it in the Old Smoker Friendly Store?
Please stop using Yellowstone Ave as the super Hi-way or drag strip. There have been people who come down Yellowstone Ave they must be doing well over 40mph. Sure the street is a nice and wide, it's n + 105 more characters
The friends I've made with the ladies at Curves. I have learned so much from them how to sew, canning, gardening, decorating and ect. These ladies are so nice that they even offer to watch my business + 123 more characters
Lots of good YUMMMIES are being drop off at Curves! Don't miss out!!!! Stop by Curves 10AM -2PM Saturday oct 24th.
Miles City Garden Club will be hosting a Bake Sale in front of Curves at 801 Main. The Garden club will be selling raffle tickets on a Redwood Potting Bench by: Linda Klamm to be drawn at the Christma + 190 more characters
RE: Bed Race 14 years ago
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What time is the BED RACES? Do we have to have a permit/license for our bed since we will be traveling on Montana State Hiway? Sounds like fun!
Hope the MC is better than last year person on the TV. She did and ok job. Maybe she was nervous, but she lost me on talking about the stuff in the parade. Sorry I'd turn off the sound and watch the p + 37 more characters
Leanne- I have not tried Crystal Pistol pizza yet. I have tried other things on the menu. Very Yummy!!! As for Seabecks I don't care for their pizza at all. As for shopping local I make my own taco pi + 254 more characters
GodFather Pizza has the very best Taco Pizza!!!!!! To bad we don't have GodFather Pizza here in town. It's a treat to go out of town and and have a great Taco pizza!! Have a great day.
Wilson Boots orders only. 307 N. Sutton Miles City MT 59301 406-234-2800 Place your order today. Contact Frieda Wilson
It only takes a second or two to pick up after yourself at home and out in public. The time and energy people spend on the computer/TV/ect. They could of been out cleaning their home area and make Mil + 62 more characters
What about the trees coming up through the sidewalks that are on the Boulvard side by the street and starting to show signs coming up through the street? Who takes care of it then?
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