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Richard, This one's for you. Cheers!
I didn't intend to answer curtly. In fact, I thought I was being polite to Steve. I just felt that my main concern wasn't addressed. However, I offer my apologies to you, Steve Allison, if you were o + 9 more characters
Thank you Bridgier. Stan, that's actually some helpful information! How can I find out more about the different fair competitions the kids could enter and the rules? Mandi, that would be fun. We have + 114 more characters
It seems the "MILES CITY'S FINEST" thread was removed. Thankfully, a bit of Frost's wisdom still remains on this site somewhere... url (and yes, I changed "MILES CITYS FINEST", the original way it wa + 36 more characters
I have no problems supervising. (I love how people make such leaps of assumption on this site ) My son rides around on his rip stick (state board like thing)and does all sorts of things on his own o + 1874 more characters
I didn't mean to start a debate about parenting. 1)If we lived at a farm or ranch we'd have them harvest and whatnot. 2)We have our son do plenty of things without asking if he wants to. But we like t + 1323 more characters
I have friends who use G-diapers. They're the best ones I've seen.
I appreciate the response, Steve. Thank you. However... While all those things are nice, most of them don't fit my question's criteria for low cost. I don't belong to a church and don't want to send t + 364 more characters
Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be no activities (structured and without a huge cost) for kids in the month of August? The library program is great! But it ends in June. The movies on Wedn + 384 more characters
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Gaye was one-of-a-kind in many ways. I will not forget her kind spirit. I was glad to call her "friend" for the short while I knew her. Rest in God's peace, Gaye! You are missed.
I was going to say that Amorette is who you want to talk to, but she beat me to it! Pay her whatever she wants. lol! She knows her stuff.
Princess with the princesses is from 9am-noon at the convent on April 30th. Your daughter can come dressed up in her favorite dress, and they paint nails and other activities. The elementary kids rece + 174 more characters
Two young men asked me this afternoon if I'd seen him. I drove around the block near my house on Montana, but no luck. My family is keep Marcus in our prayers! We'll keep looking.
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